Celsius (CEL) Lowers Liquidation FUD, Can It Resume Withdrawals Now?

Crypto lender Celsius lowered its chances of getting liquidated as the company actively repays its outstanding debt. Celsius has paid off nearly $142 million of the loan since July 1, further reducing the wBTC liquidation price from $11,800 to $4967 in less than 24 hours.

Investors’ sentiments seem to be improving as outstanding debt has reduced significantly. People believe withdrawals could resume soon if Celsius repays most of the outstanding debt on AAVE, Compound, and Maker. Moreover, the company still pays weekly rewards to its customers.

Celsius Reduces FUD Surrounding its Bankruptcy

According to DeFi Explore data, Celsius’ wBTC liquidation price has dropped to $4967 in its multi-collateral DAI vault 25977 after the company has paid almost $142 million since July 1 for its Maker loan. Currently, the collateralization ratio has increased to 589% with $483 million in wBTC locked.

As per the publicly available data, Celsius has an outstanding loan of around $600 million from Maker, Compound, and Aave. Although, the data on its loan has not been disclosed by Celsius. Moreover, the magnitude of its non-DeFi exposure is also unclear.

On July 4, the company load off its massive loans in several transactions. Celsius paid off 50 million USDC to its AAVE loan to withdraw 459K LINK from AAVE and $13 million to its Compound loan.

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On Monday, Celsius repaid $6.2 million, $50 million, and $64 million in DAI towards its Maker loan. The crypto lender still has an outstanding loan of $82 million to Maker. It has $1.8 billion in investments, with losses of $650 million.

Meanwhile, the crypto lender withdrew 30,000 ETH from Aave and 37,000 ETH from Compound and transferred ETH to other addresses. The Ethereum worth $72 million was sent to several wallets they usually send tokens to exchange before dumping.

DeFi analyst DeFiyst said the firm could become solvent soon. He said:

“On the current trajectory CelsiusNetwork will have sold the majority of their collateral and paid down most of the debt very soon. Question then becomes whether they sell stETH (or CEL) on the open market (or provide some confirmation for the rumour that they sold stETH OTC).”

Celsius’s CEL Token Jumps on Short Squeeze

Celsius (CEL) token prices have jumped over $1 amid the community-led short squeeze. The prices have jumped nearly 60% in July, as short-sellers take profit by short-selling CEL tokens.

Celsius had also withdrawn 1.80 million CEL tokens from FTX. CEL prices have jumped 12% in the past 24 hours.

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