YAY Games Community Update Reveals Restructuring and Rebranding Plan

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YAY Games, one of the most popular GameFi protocols to date, is announcing a new milestone in its roadmap: restructure & rebranding.

Setting its sights on new horizons, YAY Games will undergo rebranding and evolve its B2B direction by partnering with renowned crypto companies. Both steps serve the purpose of making YAY a go-to platform for every high-end crypto startup.

After thorough planning, the restructuring process is being carried out to expand YAY Games into new areas of the crypto industry. Major updates are mostly related to the team, vision, and core product, while the main details are provided below.

New team and leadership

When YAY Games was founded, all team members shared a singular vision and common ethic values. The team was given all the resources necessary to succeed and, through hard work and dedication, managed to transform YAY Games from a startup into an established company.

Along the way, and partly due to requests and feedback from the community, the strategy and main idea behind YAY Games began to change.

Expectations from the community grew and stopped being met fully, leading to further disconnection. 

In the meantime, differences in terms of values, vision, and the general approach to managing the company began to emerge between the co-founders and certain team members.

Consequently, the team no longer shared a singular vision about the project and its future development as it did at the beginning.

It’s undeniable that YAY Games accomplished important milestones while maintaining the previous structure, but the company now has more ambitious goals for the growth and sustainability of the ecosystem. It is now time to fulfill those expectations and raise the bar with a new team and leadership.

Vital collaborations

With a stronger team and new vision, YAY Games has plans to rebrand and transform its ecosystem with the help of new partners. 

The new collaborations with two major players within the crypto industry will provide YAY with more resources, expertise, and technology necessary to build high-quality products within a reasonable time frame.

Once the new products are closer to getting a release date, YAY Games will announce its new strategic partners and shareholders. 

New beginnings

Zeus, the core product of YAY Games, will be discontinued. It was a valuable experience and an important page in YAY history, but we will continue the direction of helping crypto startups with new products, that are being developed from scratch. 

We didn’t give up on the idea of the launchpad as a core product, but we want our next product to be able to satisfy the needs of both startups and investors without compromising any party’s interests.

According to our new vision, It will serve high-quality and innovative projects of any sector within the crypto sphere, going beyond just the play-to-earn and blockchain gaming niches.

Details regarding the transfer of $YAY staked tokens on ZEUS will be announced soon, so make sure to keep tuned.

Closing thoughts

While the goal of YAY Games is to continue growing within the Avalanche blockchain, competing with the best projects in the ecosystem, the team has plans to explore multi-chain integrations and alternative business sectors.

Committed to building throughout the crypto winter, the restructure presents an excellent opportunity for YAY Games to establish new beginnings and develop new products that add real value to the crypto space and the YAY ecosystem. 

YAY Games has never been so alive and powerful as of now with the team now being both confident and excited about the coming years.

About YAY Games 

YAY Games is a decentralized DeFi ecosystem for B2B and B2C, focusing on high-quality projects, NFTs, and DeFi.

As the ultimate DeFi brand, YAY Games is the one-stop-shop for any Blockchain-related projects. Providing them with expertise, community, and sophisticated mechanics through their native Launchpad, multiple smart-contract solutions, and relevant industry partners.

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