Here’s How to Take Crypto-funded Vacation in 2022

Crypto might not be entirely flawless but there are plenty of benefits attached to taking this kind of vacation.

Vacations are how we take a break from reality. The time to relax, unwind and unplug from everything including crypto that has undoubtedly become a part of our daily lives. But over the last decade, crypto has exploded so much in popularity to the point that you can pay for a surprising amount of stuff with the blockchain-based currency. Travel is one of those industries that are starting to embrace the phenomenon. And in this writeup, we’ll be running down how you can take a crypto-funded vacation in 2022, from start to finish.

Raising Funds

Travel is now probably more affordable than it has ever been before. And that’s probably because the COVID-19 pandemic left the entire industry in tatters. But even before coronavirus struck, travel was already growing cheaper with each passing year, especially in the aviation industry. If you live in Europe, for instance, you can travel to multiple neighbouring countries for less than $100. You can even find cheaper rates for some of the more traditional expensive journeys if you book in advance and travel at an off-peak time. Regardless, however, international travel still isn’t accessible to everyone.

But one way in which crypto can help you travel is by actually providing the funds to do so in the first place. Investing in Bitcoin (BTC) and other forms of cryptocurrency can give you a strong passive income that opens the door to travel for those who normally cannot afford it.

It must always be kept in mind at all times, however, that investing in crypto is a risk. You can lose money. But if you put in the time to research the process and form a proper investment strategy, there’s a very good chance that crypto can help you pay for an extra holiday every year.

Flights Bookings

Booking a flight can be incredibly stressful, and when you finally get to the airport, it seems that the stress increases tenfold. Part of what makes this process so arduous is the cost of air travel in the first place, as well as organising yourself and making sure you get to where you need to be on time. 

One significant way in which crypto can help ease the burden of booking and managing a flight is by being one of the options for payment. You don’t need to sell your crypto to gather the dollar to then book your flight. You can directly pay with your crypto, saving you all of that hassle. 

A growing number of airlines and travel websites are beginning to embrace crypto as a valid form of payment, and given its fast-rising popularity, we can expect plenty more to follow suit. Latvian airline, Air Baltic became the first to accept cryptocurrency in 2014 and since then many more have followed. 

Just last year, we saw the launch of the Universal Air Travel Plan (UATP). UATP is an airline-owned payment network that accepts crypto payments for all of its members. This means that over 300 airlines around the world can now sell tickets for crypto. 

There’s a huge variety of options, and thanks to UATP, you’ll never have a shortage of possible destinations for your crypto-funded vacation. 

Hotel Bookings

Let’s say you do use your crypto to book your flight to sunny Miami, for instance, before you get immersed in the amazing view, you’ll probably want to find a place to stay, right?  

Well, luckily, much like the aviation industry, hotels are also rapidly beginning to accept cryptocurrency as a valid form of payment. for example, currently allows you to book more than three million travel products, including hotel accommodations, and using crypto as payment. It’s becoming so commonplace in fact, that in Q2 2021, Travala recorded that 70% of its bookings were paid for with crypto. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you can walk up to any hotel and expect them to collect your Dogecoin as payment. The payment method is still somewhat on the fringe, unfortunately. But you can, at least, check your options at this point. And chances are, you’ll find somewhere that will accept your crypto. 

Benefits of a Crypto-funded Vacation

Crypto might not be entirely flawless but there are plenty of benefits attached to taking this kind of vacation. But the most obvious one is that you don’t have to worry about currency exchange rates and international fees. You get to save yourself a significant amount of money using crypto.

So, why don’t you take a moment, and carefully set out to enjoy one of the most blissful moments in your life without having to carry a huge amount of cash around?  

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