TRON (TRX) “will grow to be the blockchain protocol of the future” – Big update from Justin Sun

  • The TRON founder highlights tremendous partnership opportunities for development in the TRON network.
  • Justin Sun also attended the 2022 Milken Institute Asia summit, where he shared insights on issues relating to crypto technologies.

Blockchain oracles for hybrid smart contracts, Chainlink, hosted this year’s SmartCon event in New York. The event with the theme “invent the future of Web3” was held between 28-29 September 2022. SmartCon claims to be the best Web3 enthusiasts, including developers and luminaries, to connect and learn from each other.

During this year’s event, TRON founder, H.E. Justin Sun, was among the speakers. Even though Sun delivered his speech virtually, Sun shared the remarkable story of establishing TRON and several meaningful partnerships the network has accomplished over the past two years.

Sun also remarked on several GameFi opportunities available for development on the TRON network. According to him, these opportunities are available because of TRON’s partnership with Binance and Chainlink on several assets, such as the USDD stablecoin. Sun encouraged attendees not to fear mistakes but build something out of their passion. He added that mainstream adoption would happen so long that Web3 players remain true to their mission of web decentralization.

He further said TRON could become the blockchain global settlement layer for the long term. Speakers at the SmartCon event included top brands’ representatives, who spoke about various topics affecting the Web3 space. Such topics included governance issues, smart contracts for unlocking Bitcoin, Web3 education, improved user experiences, Web3 real estate, bridging TradFi and DeFi, interoperability, and the open metaverse.

TRON releases its monthly report for September 2022

Meanwhile, TRON released its monthly report for last month. Some of the highlights in the report included TRON’s participation as a title partner at this year’s TOKEN2049 event held in Singapore. The network’s founder was among the panel discussants at this event. The report also stated that Justin Sun delivered a keynote address titled “TRON leads the way to web 3.0” during the 2022 South Korea Upbit Developer Conference (UDS).

Furthermore, Sun was one of the many important dignitaries at the 2022 Milken institute Asia summit. Curtis S. Chin (Chair of the Asia Center) talked with Sun to get insights about varying issues in the crypto space, such as technologies and the digital economy. Sun remarked that there are still enormous opportunities for the growth of digital currencies.

He also noted that TRON is still far from its goal of having 7 billion users globally as it only has over 100 million wallets from the last five years. The monthly report also provided other updates going on in the TRON network. For instance, the TRON hackathon Season 3 is live, with ongoing project submissions.

The report further stated that the crypto payment gateway, JustMoney Pay, now supports TRON’s algorithmic stablecoin, USDD. It also noted that the popular crypto exchange, Huobi Global, now supports TRX/USDC. Earlier last month, Malta-based crypto exchange, OKX, launched TRX and BitTorrent (BTT) staking on its platform, with stakers having the chance to earn up to 65.35 percent annual percentage yield (APY).