Blockchain Academy 2022 BuidlCamp Has Been Officially Launched

With the rapid development of blockchain technology, the concept of Web3.0 has become a popular trend, and numerous people are swarming into this industry, which has created an urgent need for Web3.0 concept popularization.

As a large platform focusing on Web3.0 education, Blockchain Academy and HKUST Crypto-Fintech Lab are jointly holding BuidlCamp, a large-scale Web3.0 event integrating education, competition, and job hunting.

Up to now, there are more than thousands of campers from over 30 top universities, including the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, the University of Hong Kong, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Tsinghua University, Peking University, Zhejiang University, National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University, Yale University and the University of Cambridge.

The participating professors include Professor Wang Yang, Vice President of HKUST and Founder of HKUST Crypto-Fintech Lab; Professor Chen Kani, Director of HKUST Crypto-Fintech Lab and Financial Math department; Professor Lo Waishun, Adjunct Professor of the Chinese University of Hong Kong and Peking University, General Partner of DL Capital; Professor Lu Haitian, Director of Mainland Development Office and Professor in Accounting and Finance at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University; Professor Ayesha Kiani, Faculty Professor of New York University and COO of Ledger Prime; Professor Alex Preda, Professor of King’s College London’s Business School and Co-director of the FinWorks Futures Centre; Professor Cai Wei, Director of the Human-Cloud Systems Laboratory of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen, etc.

The participating institutions include Moonshot Commons, Hong Kong Blockchain Association, MEXC, GeekCartel, AWS, Blackpine, Fenbushi Capital, CMT Digital, ZhenFund, GBV, JLL, etc.

Diverse cultures, ideas and technologies all over the world have blended in Hong Kong, which boosts the collision of ideas, and new opportunities for the vigorous development of the Web3.0 field have been created as well. As one of the top universities, HKUST has always been committed to exploring cutting-edge technologies and leading the trend of the digital age.

In August 2022, HKUST announced the establishment of the world’s first physical-digital twin campuses in metaverse. Later on, HKUST will cooperate with many other institutions to actively promote the construction of the metaverse campus.

Vice President of HKUST, Professor Wang Yang, said: “The physical and virtual worlds are rapidly converging. I believe that Hong Kong has all the elements to fit in the era of Web3.0, which will overturn the future. As the first university, I believe,  to establish physical-digital twin campuses, HKUST is ready to lead the creation of a sustainable XR ecosystem to promote research, development and learning.

This kind of online and offline interaction is conducive to the real integration of the two campuses under the framework of “HKUST as a whole and the two schools complement each other”. In such an open and supportive environment, HKUST Crypto-Fintech Lab has attracted many blockchain experts as well as enthusiasts and has obtained a cumulative investment of more than 120 million Hong Kong dollars.

As an NGO entity initiated by the HKUST Crypto-Fintech Lab, Blockchain Academy has gathered the most cutting-edge technological vision as well as the top teaching resources and also shoulders the mission of spreading Web3.0 knowledge. Users of Blockchain Academy are not limited by space or time.

Anyone who wants to enter the Web3.0 world can become a member of Blockchain Academy and learn the basic concepts, practical skills, and mindset of the crypto world.

As the first education event of Blockchain Academy, BuidlCamp not only covers the hottest topics of blockchain technology in curriculum design and lecturer team but also breaks the framework of traditional training camps and introduces new elements like competition, job hunting, etc.

From the overview of the decentralized world to the ecosystem of different chains, the professional teaching team from Web3.0 industry will bring participants to dive into the blockchain world and have a progressive view of how it works.

The Moonshot Web3 Winter Hackathon, co-hosted by Blockchain Academy, HKUST Crypto-Fintech Lab and Moonshot Commons, allows the campers to practice the content they have mastered and provides a platform for campers and Web3.0 builders to communicate directly. In order to offer more career opportunities to campers and provide talents for the blockchain industry, BuidlCamp will also hold a job fair for campers to embark on their own Web3.0 journey.

Since BuidlCamp was launched, it has drawn continuous attention from many universities and blockchain organizations worldwide. More people who are interested in learning about Web3.0 and blockchain will join BuidlCamp and become future builders of the Web3.0 world.

As an emerging technology in the network era, blockchain needs to be better explained and disseminated to the public, while the supporting education system still has a long way to go. It is the ultimate goal of each education platform to deliver high-quality content and educational resources to everyone without limitation.

The rapid development of the Web 3.0 industry has just started. Every new builder who joins the Web 3.0 world will be an indispensable part of the prosperous future of Web3.0.

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