Ripple Seeks Crypto License Approval in the United Kingdom

Ripple’s Application for Crypto Asset Firm Registration

Ripple, the renowned payments network and technology company, has taken a significant step towards expanding its operations in the United Kingdom. The firm recently applied for registration as a crypto asset firm with the country’s esteemed Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Furthermore, Ripple is also seeking a payments license in Ireland as part of its strategic regional investment plans.

Partial Win Against the U.S. SEC

The decision to apply for registration with the FCA comes after Ripple’s noteworthy partial victory against the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The case revolved around the classification of Ripple’s XRP token as a security. The outcome deemed XRP a security when sold to institutional investors but not to retail investors. Nonetheless, the SEC still has the option to appeal the verdict, leaving some aspects of the case unresolved.

UK’s Attractive Regulatory Landscape for Crypto Firms

An increasing number of cryptocurrency firms are turning their attention to the United Kingdom, seeking regulatory clarity and a supportive business environment. This trend has been triggered by a wave of enforcement actions by the SEC in the United States, making the UK a more attractive destination for crypto-related ventures.

Notably, venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz (A16z) has recently announced its first international office in London, after engaging in “constructive conversations” with policymakers and the FCA. The company cited the “predictable business environment” in the UK as a compelling reason to expand its operations overseas.

Progressive Crypto Regulations in the UK

The UK government has been proactive in introducing laws to create a well-regulated crypto environment in the country. In June, a bill was signed into law, bringing cryptocurrencies under the same regulatory framework as traditional assets. This move granted the UK Treasury, the FCA, the Bank of England, and the Payments Systems Regulator the authority to establish and enforce regulations for crypto-related businesses.

Legislation to Combat Illicit Cryptocurrency Activities

In another noteworthy development, lawmakers have been discussing drafts of legislation aimed at empowering authorities to combat illicit cryptocurrency activities. The proposed bill includes provisions that would give authorities greater flexibility in confiscating and recovering crypto assets used for illegal purposes.


Ripple’s application for registration as a crypto asset firm with the FCA marks a significant move for the company in its expansion efforts. The UK’s supportive regulatory environment and growing interest from other crypto firms highlight the country’s rising prominence in the global crypto landscape.