Deribit Announces Plans to Introduce Options Trading for XRP, Solana, and MATIC in 2024

Deribit Announces Plans to Introduce Options Trading for XRP, Solana, and MATIC in 2024


Deribit, a leading cryptocurrency exchange, is gearing up to introduce options trading for Ripple (XRP), Solana, and Polygon (MATIC) starting from January 2024. This move is expected to bring significant changes to the crypto market, injecting much-needed volatility and expanding investment opportunities for market participants.

Anticipating Volatility with New Options

Despite the current lack of volatility in the crypto market and Bitcoin’s stagnant price range, Deribit remains committed to diversifying its offerings. Luuk Strijers, the Chief Commercial Officer of Deribit, believes that the introduction of options for XRP, Solana, and MATIC will stimulate market activity and price movements in January 2024. This anticipation is driven by the need to provide traders with alternatives amid concerns about potential downside moves, as indicated by the negative Implied Volatility (IV) in the market.

Deribit’s Dominance and Expansion Plans

Deribit currently holds an impressive 85% market share in the crypto options space, with institutional traders contributing significantly to its trading volume. This dominance underscores the platform’s reliability and popularity among professional traders and investors. Deribit is not only expanding its asset offerings but also pursuing regulatory approvals and licenses.

Regulatory Expansion and Global Presence

Deribit is actively exploring regulatory expansion in the European Union (EU) and considering a potential move to Dubai. The exchange aims to obtain a brokerage license in the EU, demonstrating its commitment to compliance and legal standards. With 115 employees on board, Deribit plans to hire additional staff to support its growth initiatives, showcasing its dedication to enhancing user experience and market dominance.


Deribit’s decision to diversify its options offerings beyond Bitcoin, Ethereum, and USD Coin signifies its dedication to serving a broader audience of cryptocurrency enthusiasts and traders globally. The introduction of XRP, Solana, and MATIC options in early 2024 marks a significant step toward achieving this goal. As the crypto market continues to evolve, Deribit’s expansion and embrace of new opportunities highlight the industry’s resilience and adaptability. Traders and investors eagerly await the launch of these new options, seeking alternative avenues for portfolio diversification and risk management in the ever-changing crypto landscape.