Unlocking Q2’s Best Solana Airdrops: Transforming $10 into $100

Unlocking Q2's Best Solana Airdrops: Transforming $10 into $100


With the crypto market finding its way back to the bullish age, smart investors are moving towards the airdrops space. As it brings a higher profit possibility, investing early during airdrops provides a chance to maximize returns.

Solana Airdrops in 2024

In 2024, Solana has emerged as the frontrunner in crypto adoption. It’s shaping up to be a year teeming with airdrops for Solana users. With this momentum, the second quarter is anticipated to stand out for Solana airdrops.

Zeta Markets

  • As a decentralized exchange, the Zeta market offers a fast user experience for a CEX.
  • It provides complete self-custody to the user while increasing transparency to users with the implementation of a public blockchain network.
  • The ZETA token launch leads to a massive price jump and might fuel the upcoming airdrop by the protocol.


  • With the recent launch of its token, the PARCL token shows a massive surge with a boost in trading volume.
  • The PRCL token shows a growing demand amidst the reversal rally, with the potential to surge 10x.

Shadow Token

  • $SHDW is the cornerstone of the Shadow dePIN ecosystem, facilitating a decentralized infrastructure.
  • Shadow operators underpin the Shadow network as they stake their $SHDW tokens to validate their nodes.
  • The SHDW token shows immense potential with a possible surge of 1000% this quarter.

deBridge Finance

  • deBridge is a cutting-edge protocol that facilitates seamless asset transfers and interoperability across different blockchains.
  • The protocol witnessed almost $48 million inflow in one day, mainly between Ethereum, Solana, and Base blockchains.
  • deBridge Finance’s airdrop farming shows remarkable potential for profit generation.


  • Using the slogan “Make Solana Liquid Again,” Meteora shines as a key player in the world of liquid staking.
  • It focuses on creating long-lasting ways to keep money flowing, which helps turn Solana into a top spot for regular crypto traders.
  • Meteora introduces a system that adjusts to get the best returns, making it a promising investment.


With the growing anticipations of a bull run in the crypto market, airdrop farming is a great way to generate profits. Hence, the airdrops of these new tokens are a great investment opportunity in Quarter 2 of 2024.