Analyst Points to Strong Bullish Signals, Predicts Binance Coin Could Surge to $400


Binance Coin (BNBUSD) has been on a rollercoaster ride, with its price action revealing intriguing patterns that could offer valuable insights into its future trajectory.

Continuation Pattern

In a technical analysis by Alan Santana, he explores two distinct patterns: a continuation pattern with a flat structure and a top pattern with a rounded structure. By comparing these patterns and examining their implications, we can better understand the current market sentiment and potential price targets for BNBUSD.

Continuation Pattern

The continuation pattern, which follows a strong rise in BNBUSD, goes red and has been red for three weeks straight. This pattern typically works as consolidation before the final price jump, suggesting that the market may be gearing up for a significant move.

  • Emerges after initial breakout
  • Flat structure indicates market consolidation

Top Pattern (Rounded)

In contrast to the continuation pattern, the top pattern exhibits a rounded structure and comes right after a major bullish wave. This pattern is particularly significant because it points toward a change of direction in the market.

  • Rounded structure indicates loss of bullish momentum
  • Warning sign for potential market reversal

Current Market Outlook

Based on the analysis of these two patterns, it appears that BNBUSD has experienced a continuation pattern followed by a top pattern. The chart signals are now extremely bearish, suggesting that a correction is currently underway.

  • Presence of top pattern indicates bearish sentiment
  • Market may be heading for a correction

Potential Price Target

According to the technical analysis, BNBUSD can easily move below the $400 mark. This price target is supported by the bearish signals generated by the top pattern and the overall market sentiment.

  • $400 level may act as psychological barrier
  • Breach of $400 could lead to further downside pressure

Additional Factors to Consider

It is essential to note that the current market outlook for BNBUSD is not solely based on the continuation and top patterns. Other factors, such as Bitcoin’s price action and the overall cryptocurrency market sentiment, can also influence BNBUSD’s trajectory.

  • Geopolitical events and regulatory developments may impact market direction
  • Investors and traders should stay informed about external factors


The technical analysis of Binance Coin (BNBUSD) presents a compelling narrative, featuring a continuation pattern and a top pattern. The bearish signals generated by these patterns indicate that a correction is currently underway, potentially leading to a significant price drop for BNBUSD.