Canadian Condos go up For Sale, Buyers Will Pay in Cryptocurrency

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Canadian condos have hit the market in Quebec. The real estate developer, Ray Junior Courtemanche, has announced that they will now accept crypto in exchange for the properties.

SKYBLÜ Condos are located in Cité Mirabel, Quebec. Marketed as a high-end residential project, the entire project is made up of three twin towers. The total construction has a projected final value of two billion dollars.

In 2020, its first tower went live. It became the tallest residential building in the Laurentians region.

The builder of the high rise is Ray Junior Courtemanche. He has just announced that his company, SKYBLÜ Condos Cité Mirabel, will accept crypto for any apartment in the complex.

Canadian Condos and Crypto

The sale is possible via a collaboration with a Montreal-based fintech company called Dello, a Montreal fintech company.

Dello’s crypto POS systems mean that businesses can accept crypto. But then, they can receive settlement in cash directly to their traditional bank accounts. Local or international customers can use their crypto to buy from anywhere in the world.

Canadian Condos go up For Sale in Cryptocurrency

Says Courtemanche, “More and more people are turning to cryptocurrency. I was just waiting for a simple and effective way to be able to accept crypto, and today, the solution exists and it’s from Quebec. At this point, I was sold on that idea. It’s secure, it’s reliable. In a transaction, it cuts out many intermediaries. At the end of the line, lots of people would benefit from crypto and blockchain technology, including those in real estate.”

Canadian Courtemanche is a real estate developer who claims to own more than forty businesses.

Earlier this year, the SKYBLÜproject was the winner of the high-rise condos category of the “Prix Construire.” The award was given by the ACQ (Association de la construction du Québec).

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