CoinEx Ambassador (Futures Special Program) | The Win-win Strategy in a Bear Market: Referral Commissions of up to 60%


After LUNA crashed, cryptocurrency is bound to go through a long bear period. As BTC and ETH plunge for days, the assets that crypto investors hold in their wallets rapidly depreciate. Many crypto users have had no choice but to remain inactive as they wait for the next bull. Meanwhile, veteran investors have already started to profit from the bearish market conditions. For them, the sluggish market represents an incredible opportunity because the market decline is always much more volatile than the rise. Tapping into such market conditions, investors could adopt different bearish trading strategies to earn profits. This is especially true in futures trading where investors may profit from declines based on their predictions of the future market trend.

Futures trading: An opportunity to profit in a bear market

As the crypto market goes bearish in 2022, futures trading has become even more popular and attracted plenty of beginner investors. Compared with other types of crypto trading, futures trading is less beginner-friendly as it comes with high risks and difficult operations. Over recent years, CoinEx, a global crypto exchange, has been focusing on futures trading products and services. Committed to the idea of “Making Crypto Trading Easier”, the exchange sets out to turn sophistication into ease of use. With CoinEx Futures, traders benefit from straightforward trading mechanisms, as well as clear webpage layouts with a full range of functions. In addition, CoinEx also offers futures trading tutorials and made it easier to trade futures. Such advantages have quickly turned the exchange into the favorite futures trading platform of many beginners. So far, CoinEx’s futures trading volume has grown by over 700% year on year.

Aiming to become a bridge between all traders and the crypto world, CoinEx strives to build an easy-to-use trading platform. The CoinEx Ambassador (Futures Special Program) was launched to achieve a grand vision: introducing futures trading to all investors planning to trade cryptos.

About the CoinEx Ambassador (Futures Special Program)

CoinEx intends to build a team of CoinEx Ambassadors (Futures Special Program) who share the same visions and values for crypto trading. They recognize CoinEx products and services and can help more people engage in advanced crypto investments through the easy-to-use CoinEx Futures.


Earn referral commissions of up to 60% via win-win collaboration

Join the CoinEx Ambassador (Futures Special Program) now to profit from futures trading while earning trading fee commissions of up to 60%, delivering win-win results in a bear market.

CoinEx Ambassadors (Futures Special Program) will receive commissions of up to 60% on trading fees paid by referred users who have registered a CoinEx account and start trading futures via their referral link.

I. Duration

July 21, 2022, to October 21, 2022

II. Eligible applicants

Individuals with over 3,000 followers on an SNS platform, community leaders running a social media group of over 500 members, platforms, institutions, etc.

III. Benefits

  • 60% referral commissions valid for three months since the day the application is approved;
  • Futures trial fund + free CoinEx merchandise;
  • Holiday gifts;
  • Invite friends to join the program and receive 5% commissions on the rewards received by referred CoinEx Ambassadors (Futures Special Program).

IV. Application process:

  • Open CoinEx’s official website (, and get registered;
  • Go to the Ambassador webpage (, then enter the referral code “futures”, click on [Apply Now], and fill out the application form.
  • After your application is approved, you’ll receive a welcome e-mail from CoinEx;
  • Go to the CoinEx website (, click on [Referral Rewards] below [Account], and then copy their referral link or code;
  • From July 25 to October 25, 2022, you’ll receive 60% commissions on the futures trading fees paid by referred users as long as they get registered via your referral link or code and start trading futures on CoinEx.

Join the program now to become a crypto advocate. As a CoinEx Ambassador (Futures Special Program), you can not only earn larger profits in a bear market but also help beginners by sharing your advantages and expertise. Together, CoinEx Ambassadors (Futures Special Program) and CoinEx will facilitate crypto progress and the mass adoption of cryptocurrency, allowing more users in need to benefit from futures trading while delivering win-win results.


Over the years, CoinEx, a crypto pioneer, has kept refining its products and sought to turn sophistication into ease of use to serve investors around the world. In the future, the exchange will keep pursuing ease of use in terms of product development, token listing, and customer service to help more users feel the charm of crypto investments.