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Optimism Drop #4 Announcement

⚠️ Stay safe: ⚠️ Only trust tweets from @Optimism or @OptimismGov. Double check the domain — or

Today, Optimism is excited to announce Optimism Drop #4, which grants 10,343,757.81 OP to 22,998 unique addresses. This Airdrop is a ‘thank you’ to the artists, creators, and pioneers who have played a role in creating culture across the Superchain and the broader crypto ecosystem. This marks Optimism’s inaugural Airdrop across the Superchain, celebrating the expanding network of OP Chains collaborating together.

A snapshot of addresses for Optimism Airdrop #4 was taken on January 10, 2024. Detailed eligibility criteria can be found in the documentation here.

The Role of Creativity in the Optimism Collective

The Superchain has become a hub for creative expression, spanning platforms like Zora, Base, Ethereum L1, and OP Mainnet. Over 200,000 addresses have contributed to NFT collections, enriching the Optimism Collective with their creative vision and innovation.

Eligibility for Optimism Airdrop #4

Participants should only rely on information from @Optimism or @OptimismGov on Twitter. Verify the domain — or — before engaging.

  • Airdrops target contributors based on constructive participation criteria.
  • Past eligibility does not guarantee future participation.

Participation in Governance

Recipients of OP tokens gain the opportunity to engage in robust governance processes within the ecosystem. This airdrop serves as an initial step towards shaping the future of the Optimism Collective. Learn more about governance here.

→ To delegate your tokens, visit

Future Airdrops and Community Commitment

If you missed Airdrop #4, fret not — more opportunities are on the horizon. Optimism plans to distribute 19% of the initial token supply through airdrops, totaling approximately 560 million OP for future distributions across the Superchain.

Continued airdrops allow for ongoing experimentation and improvement of this evolving mechanism, fostering positive-sum interactions within the ecosystem. Your participation is always welcomed!

And remember, let’s build together and stay Optimistic! ✨🔴