Cornucopias Completes The Largest single NFT Land Sale On The Cardano Network


Land is the most desirable asset of any metaverse as it bestows exclusive perks upon the owners and in a recently concluded 5-day sale, Cornucopias has set the record for the largest NFT Land sale on the Cardano network. As the popularity of NFTs on the Cardano network continues to grow, more promising projects have emerged to build on the solid foundation laid by the Cardano team. Cornucopias, a play-to-earn project, has proven that the utility of NFTs on the Cardano network is here to stay after selling out its massive initial 24,000 Land collection in record time.

Building For The Community

Cornucopias is a community-driven metaverse gaming project that has found its home in the Cardano community. Its land sale saw it sell out its first collection in a matter of minutes with 25 tiered sales spread across five days. The lands which range from small-sized land plots to large Copias-sized plots were quickly snapped up and 100% sold out. The high demand saw its day 5 land sale sell out in 18.82 seconds across five different tiers.

There are currently a total of 8,539 individuals holding Cornucopias land plots and the volume across the secondary marketplace has skyrocketed since then. With more than 8.10 million ADA in trading volume, Cornucopias continue to appear on the top of the list across the 24 hours, 7 days, and 30 days charts for the top NFT collection. Its floor price sits at 190 ADA only two weeks after the launch.

Each NFT holder possesses the deed to a plot of land in Cornucopias “The Island”, a metaverse gaming experience where players can earn when they play their favorite games. These NFTs will provide users with many different benefits in the Cornucopias metaverse.

Benefits Of Cornucopias Land NFTs

Owning land in the metaverse is one of the best ways to ensure continuous earnings in a play-to-earn setting. Just like in the real world, owning land in the metaverse is a coveted position due to the advantages it carries. This includes being able to customize your metaverse experience to your preference as well as a wide variety of virtual entrepreneurship opportunities such as monetizing land by leasing, staking or renting to others.

Cornucopias NFT landholders also enjoy other benefits including rewards, airdrops, and the opportunity to become a Cornucopias metaverse tycoon. As long as a player holds the NFT in their wallet, they automatically have access to all the perks that it carries. There is no need for a monthly membership fee. The NFTs can also be transferred, traded, sold for profit, or staked to earn rewards.

Since the Cornucopias Game Studio will be receiving income from royalties from secondary marketplaces, it does not need to add any fees to access gameplay. It will be able to continuously be a free-to-play, play-to-earn, host-to-earn, and build-to-earn metaverse game.

The scarcity of these lands also contributes to their value as there will be no opportunity to mint more lands until sometime next year. Until then, interested players will only be able to own Cornucopias land by purchasing them on secondary marketplaces, or participate in the upcoming custom dome NFT sale