Cornucopias Sells Out 24,000 NFTs In Cardano’s Largest Single Land Sale


Metaverse project Cornucopias has officially completed its 5th day of Land sales. The sale which spanned over five days has seen the project set the record for the largest land sale on the Cardano network. In total, there were 24,000 Land NFTs put up for sale and each sale had seen the lands sold out in a matter of seconds.

Cornucopias’ community is also one of the largest in the Cardano ecosystem and this is no surprise given that it is a community-centered metaverse project. With the sale, Cornucopias has cemented its position as one of the leaders of the NFT space on the Cardano network. Its secondary sale volume has grown quickly since the completion of its sale on June 7th. There have been more than 8 million ADA traded so far with a floor price of 190 for the Cornucopias land collection.

Its volume has seen it top the charts on And what’s more, Cornucopias is the 10th largest collection by trading volume on the NFT marketplace.

Why Cornucopias NFTs Are Important

When it comes to play-to-earn, there are many projects that have entered the space. However, the offerings and utilities of these projects have often made players wary of them. Cornucopias’ NFT helps to bridge the utility gap in this space to ensure the continuity of its play-to-earn mechanism.

Instead of the traditional game model with multiple micro-purchases that are charged for players to “unlock” new features or level up, Cornucopias offers one-time NFT purchases that allow players to access that NFTs utility within the game for as long as they own the NFT.

The NFTs impose a variety of privileges on their holders such as access to e-sports such as racing clubs, leagues, and original content. Holders are also able to participate in the governance of the game ecosystem by granting them the right to vote on important decisions.

Other perks include staking to earn rewards, access to the marketplace and testing groups, traveling, exploring, and enjoying the Cornucopias metaverse, earning income by putting their NFTs to work in the metaverse, exclusive NFT rewards, as well as dedicated roles in the Cornucopias Discord.

About Cornucopias

Cornucopias is one of the largest play-to-earn projects available on the Cardano network. Cornucopias’ ‘The Island’ is a massive metaverse that combines play-to-earn, build-to-earn, host-to-earn, and learn-to-earn to bring one of the most immersive metaverse games to players around the world.

Players in the Cornucopias metaverse participate in this blockchain-based game to win, earn, and own land, properties, and other NFT-based assets such as vehicles by participating in the island game. It is set in a fun and safe metaverse island that is divided into various themed zones such as ‘Solace’, ‘Esperanza’, ‘Fortune’, etc, where players of all ages can engage and enjoy a series of mini-games.

An innovative part of the Cornucopias metaverse is the ability for players to create their own NFTs. They can do this by creating their own items such as houses, chairs, beds, etc, that are then minted into what is known as an “Island Blueprint”. This blueprint can be sold to other players who can purchase and gather the materials needed, and then use it to create a brand-new NFT.

Cornucopias is revolutionizing the play-to-earn ecosystem on the Cardano blockchain where players do not have to worry about game assets being trapped inside a single game. They can move and sell their NFTs in-game or on secondary marketplaces.