DeFi Platform Portal to Conduct Equity Offering on Republic

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As revealed by the platform, the equity offering will be opened to all investors across a wide range of jurisdictions. 

Portal, a decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol built on the Bitcoin blockchain, is offering the general public a chance to be a co-owner through the proposed Reg D equity offering on the Republic platform. As contained in a press release shared with Coinspeaker, the public sale for the Portal’s Reg D equity offering on Republic commenced on Monday, July 18th.

The world of blockchain technology has opened a whole lot of new opportunities to many as unique finance offerings are being introduced on a daily basis. The capabilities of the Republic platform make investing in listed startups as easy as possible as individuals can buy equity with ease.

Portal’s technology is one that seeks to democratize the finance capabilities associated with Bitcoin. While many consider the Bitcoin protocol as a strict payment protocol, Portal has built a system that can leverage its security, and as a layer-2 protocol, exhibit a massive amount of scalability to power its processes.

Riding on the premise that its core participants are responsible for helping the projects grow, Portal chose to offer the equity in a bid to make collaborators, users, and Republic investors alike gain access to the operations and profitability of the company. The Portal solution has a robust market base, and with the Testnet set to be launched in the next couple of weeks, the startup presents itself as a very attractive investment to all interested.

“The signal remains strong in the storm – Bitcoin remains the most likely candidate upon which the future of financial infrastructure will be built.  As Bitcoin’s metrics continue to achieve all-time highs, Portal is eager to bring on this new round of investors in pursuit of advancing Bitcoin-based infrastructure and the continued decentralization of traditional financial services,” said Portal CEO Eric Martindale.

That Portal got listed on the Republic platform is a testament to its innovative protocol, as the investment outfit only approves 3% of applications received.

Details of the Portal DeFi Equity Offering

As revealed by the platform, the equity offering will be opened to all investors across a wide range of jurisdictions.

Unlike most equity offerings linked to the digital currency ecosystem, the Portal equity offering will also be available to investors in the United States of America who will have the option to fund their purchases via fiat or in BTC, USDT, USDC, or ETH.

According to the investment page on Republic, the minimum investment that can be invested in Portal is pegged at $5,016 while the maximum investment is pegged at $61,875,000 with $33 being the price quoted per share. There is an estimated 1,900 possible slots for the Portal equity offering and the new investors will join the likes of Coinbase Global Inc (NASDAQ: COIN) and Arrington XRP Capital which are some of the earliest investors of the DeFi on Bitcoin startup.

Investors will be backing a protocol with unique utility as Portal’s Layer 2 and Layer 3 technology also enables building censorship-resistant communications, media, and one-click cross-chain swaps, all on Bitcoin.

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