EHOLD Group Acquires Argentinian Crypto Exchange C-Patex


Latin America is currently dominating the world regarding integrating cryptocurrency into daily life. In 2021, the value of the South American crypto market exploded from $68 million to an incredible $650 million, a ten-fold increase.

Such significant growth has attracted the attention of major global blockchain companies to the region. Known for its successful cases in the field of creating and promoting cryptocurrency exchanges, the EHOLD group couldn’t resist building on its success and acquired the Argentine exchange C-Patex to exploit the opportunities in the region to their fullest.

Diego Aguar will become the managing partner and co-owner of the exchange. Diego is a well-known Latin American opinion leader in the crypto industry who is currently teaching more than a million people to invest in digital assets.

Picture: Diego Aguar and EHOLD Group president, Mykola Udianskyi.

Obviously, for a team that has raised more than one exchange to the top 50 world rankings, this is no idle interest, and the purpose of the transaction is to secure a strong position in one of the fastest-growing crypto markets in the world.

C-Patex was a family-run company based in the Patagonia region of Argentina until EHOLD took an interest in the company. Now, with EHOLD’s considerable resources and expertise, the C-Patex brand is assured of success. One of EHOLD groups subsidiaries, Prof IT, has already allocated a large team of experts to optimize and upgrade C-Patex’s systems and software.

Prof IT was founded in 2013 and has expertise across custom blockchain software, tokenization, smart contracts, NFTs and more.

EHOLD group has lots of experience regarding crypto exchanges, and every project they have become involved with goes on to be a roaring success. For example, the company’s president, Mykola Udianskyi, and CEO, Bohdan Prylepa were the brains behind Ukraine’s first government-regulated crypto exchange, QMALL, which was recently awarded an EU trading license and has since expanded its operations immensely. In just six months the Ukrainian exchange has become a European sensation. QMALL has taken full advantage of its newfound EU license and started a launchpad for crypto startups at the prestigious Sophia Antipolis, the French equivalent of America’s Silicon Valley.

The success of QMALL is indicative; however, this brand is far from the only successful project within the EHOLD group. The skills and know-how held within the EHOLD group’s vast array of companies are ideally suited to helping crypto exchanges succeed. These include companies specializing in everything from machine learning technologies, blockchain and custom software development to market research, data science and public relations. All this firepower means that the EHOLD group can effortlessly create powerful products that become number one in their space.

It’s easy to see why C-Patex appealed to EHOLD as a brand. Combining all of this and the fact that C-Patex is located in South America’s second-largest country by area and the third-largest country by population, the opportunity this acquisition presents is priceless.