Everyone benefits from DUGLS’ improvement of the real estate market

Everyone benefits from DUGLS improvement of the real estate market but how




The DUGLS token fuels the DUGLS.com Global Real Estate Marketplace. It enables anyone to purchase any property, anywhere, using any kind of money, fiat or cryptocurrency.

Through DUGLS, DeFi now offers you the chance to buy or rent an apartment, make an investment in a rental property, start a real estate venture like flipping homes, or create a pool of short-term rentals anywhere in the globe.

With the help of the DUGLS platform, you can combine your real estate objectives with the inflation-resistant DUSD stablecoin, which can be used as a store of wealth and to help you create your own real estate dynasty.

Issues with real estate

The real estate sector does not entirely consist of outmoded practices. It is, however, dispersed into an internet search, manual transactions, and no management provisions. While many important parameters are overlooked, you can search through conventional real estate home search engines by size, price, bedroom count, bathroom count, age, and other factors.

In the absence of information, both buyers and brokers are forced to make further purchases later on or become overwhelmed by additional expenses. Issues with the real estate market have dogged the sector globally for a long time, with no clear remedy until DUGLS.




The sector now needs an effective way to employ blockchain for transparency, artificial intelligence to connect data for excellent judgments by transacting parties, and an end-to-end solution for house buyers and renters to explore, trade, and manage homes.

Enhancements made by DUGLS:

The DUGLS platform offers important real estate figures and indicators that aid buyers and investors in narrowing down the selection of properties that best fit their needs for purchasing, renting, or investing. Our network gives customers access to more financial information than only the fundamental real estate matrices, like percentages under DUGLS value, price to Rent/M2, NOI (Net Operating Income), and others.

The DUGLS model develops advanced mathematical models for forecasting sale and rental values using neural networks, a type of artificial intelligence.

In order to prepare for all titles to be written to the blockchain, we at DUGLS are using the decentralized ledger technology of the blockchain to record transactions in order to give you the tools you need to succeed in real estate anywhere in the world.

DUGLS has shortened the offer process by developing an offer tool that enables users to set offer prices and payment terms in cryptocurrency or fiat currency, arrange to finance, arrange a house inspection, arrange insurance, and negotiate with the seller without picking up the phone. All services can be paid by using DUGLS Token, which offers a sizable discount compared to conventional payment options.

DUGLS offers cutting-edge administration capabilities for a homeowner or for a large number of investment properties, keeping the customer interested long after the sale. Simple tasks like hiring someone to mow the lawn, maintain the landscaping, clean the house, or service pools can all be swiftly RFQed to dozens of suppliers for estimates using the platform. To ensure proper service, the best quote can be chosen and money escrowed. This also holds true for urgent repairs. These services can all be purchased with fiat money or cryptocurrency. All who use the DUGLS coin get a significant discount.