Exploring the Arbitrum Portal: Gateway to Efficient Blockchain Transactions

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Welcome to the Arbitrum Portal

Your gateway to the leading Layer 2 ecosystem built on top of the Ethereum blockchain. The Arbitrum Portal provides a vibrant space for the Arbitrum and Ethereum communities to explore a diverse app ecosystem created by global developers and companies of all sizes.

Discover over 600 apps spanning various verticals such as DeFi, Gaming, NFTs, Bridges, Dev Tooling, and more to experience the breadth of this flourishing community.

Why Choose the Arbitrum Portal?

  • Sophisticated search and categorization features enable discovery and utilization of apps at all scales.
  • Rotating Community Talks and the Spotlight feature highlight new and thriving apps.
  • The navigation bar swiftly directs app creators, users, developers, and curious members to their destinations.

Feature Walkthrough

Portal Homepage

The portal homepage has been revamped to showcase projects within the Arbitrum ecosystem, serving as a central hub for accessing educational resources and developer tools.

Projects Homepage

Highlighting exceptional projects is pivotal to enhancing the app discovery experience. The Community Spotlight, updated weekly, and Community Talks feature insightful AMAs, providing exciting updates on ecosystem projects.

Category Pages

Web3 offers diverse use-cases. Category pages break down these realms into navigable sections, with each category displaying related subcategories for streamlined exploration.

Project Panels

Understanding projects of interest is facilitated through dedicated side panels on the new portal. These panels offer comprehensive details such as human-readable descriptions, demo videos, and more.

Moving forward, the Arbitrum Portal is committed to community feedback, continually refining user experience to nurture the ecosystem and serve as a unified platform for all Arbitrum-based applications.