FANTOM’s Key Strategic Alliances

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FANTOM’s Strategic Partners

FANTOM is proud to introduce our strategic partners, each playing a crucial role in the growth and development of our project:

  • 8Decimal: One of the largest crypto venture capital firms focusing on blockchain infrastructure, addressing security, scalability, and privacy. Their core team includes over 10 venture capital veterans, researchers, and trading professionals.

  • Arrington XRP Capital: A leading digital asset management firm in blockchain-based capital markets globally.

  • Bibox: An AI-enhanced encrypted digital asset exchange platform founded by key members from Okcoin and Huobi exchange, renowned for its high trading volumes.

  • BlackEdge Capital: Specializes in option market-making and is a leading liquidity provider for exchange-cleared instruments, utilizing technical innovation and risk management expertise.

  • Block Crafters Capital: Invests exclusively in blockchain technologies, combining expertise in blockchain, startups, and traditional finance.

  • Block Tech Capital Corporation: Focuses on investing in digital assets and leading blockchain technology companies, with over 60 years of combined experience in investing and capital markets.

  • Block VC: Comprised of members with backgrounds from Google, Deepmind, and Credit Suisse, specializing in identifying promising blockchain projects.

  • BlockWater: A leading digital asset fund focused on bringing blockchain-enabled projects into real-world applications.

  • ChainRock: A global advisory and investment firm supporting digital assets and emerging blockchain technology across institutional finance, technology, and marketing.

  • Crypto Trade Capital: Founded by top Romanian crypto-entrepreneurs, focusing on infrastructure and blockchain technology projects.

  • Future Money: A venture studio addressing scalability and stability issues in the blockchain world.

  • HyperChain: Manages digital assets with extensive investments in major blockchain technology companies.

  • Kunwu Jiuding Capital Holdings Co., Ltd. (JD Capital): A Chinese private equity firm and finance member company held by Jiuding Group, focusing on PE investment and management.

  • JRR Crypto: Founded EOS JRR, committed to creating an EOS-based application ecosystem and providing project incubation and development services.

  • Kosmos Capital: An Australian fund with expertise in global blockchain investment opportunities.

  • Lemniscap: Specializes in advising and supporting emerging blockchain startups and crypto asset projects.

  • Link VC: A venture capital firm supporting promising digital currency projects with offices in Singapore, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, and Canada.

  • MB Technology: Focuses on creating a global ecosystem of connected blockchains through strategic project investments.

  • Nirvana Capital: A leading blockchain-focused fund with a portfolio including top global token projects.

  • One Block Limited: Based in Asia, focuses on blockchain investments and advisory for a transparent and equitable financial system.

  • Orichal Partners: Guides stakeholders into the digital asset space, providing exposure to blockchain technology and digital assets.

  • Origin X Capital: Identifies and incubates game-changing projects in the cryptocurrency industry, specializing in due diligence and fintech.

  • QCP Capital: Asia’s leading Crypto-Asset trading firm, integrating blockchain and cryptocurrency across industries.

  • Renaissance Digital Assets: A boutique ICO advisory and investment firm in the Asia Pacific region, focusing on ICO success and blockchain integration.

  • Signum Capital: Based in Singapore, consults on transformative blockchain projects to realize the future of blockchain economy.

  • Transference Capital Management Limited: A digital currency fund focused on blockchain value investments, supporting primary and secondary market targets.

  • XSQ: Specializes in blockchain infrastructure development, nurturing winning teams and companies for global prominence.

  • Zorax Capital: Focuses on emerging applications of blockchain technology, ensuring both short-term success and long-term profitability.