Finhaven Empower Investors to Hold Own Digital Assets via FDN

  • Finhaven issued utility token, FINToken to connect the world of digital securities and digital assets
  • The company will utilize Finhaven Chain (to release in 2023) to enhance cross-border securities settlement.
  • A white-labeled Finhaven investment platform is also expected to launch for investors and issuers.

Finhaven, the technology and financial service provider recently introduced a private blockchain Finhaven Distributed Network (FDN) to enable investors to hold their own securities.

The company’s primary focus has always been the peer-to-peer transactions and self-custody of user assets that are the essence of blockchain innovation. Nowadays, with banks and investment dealers holding the assets, the introduction of FDN gives the power of holding securities to the investors themselves.

For this, Finhaven will utilize its Finhaven Chain, a public blockchain, to enhance cross-border securities settlement and enable regulators, central banks, and dealers to enter the blockchain sector. The Finhaven Chain will also serve as the platform where FINToken will thrive.

The company has minted 1 billion FINTokens and plans to deliver 20% of the total supply (about 200 million tokens) by the end of 2022. By next year, another 20% will be supplied — totaling the maximum supply of approximately 400 million tokens.

However, diving into the world of crypto and venturing into digital currencies still has its risks, including liquidity, price, business, systematic, regulatory, and task risks. Regardless, Finhaven’s aims to improve the global financial markets through blockchain.

Finhaven Private Marketsrecently announced plans to innovate in the investment and entertainment world through the creation of securitized NFTs linked to royalty streams. Their first project, Stardust, will provide investors exclusive access to non-dilutive ownership in ‘Black Rose’, a Sci-Fi Action film and TV series.

Accredited investors can participate in a film and television series for as little as $1,000 CAD, with royalties comprising 60% of the revenue generated by the Stardust music video and 5.35% of free cash flow produced by Black Rose.

Furthermore, all Stardust fractionalized NFT holders combined will still own 90% of the Stardust NFT and would be granted 90% of the proceeds when the NFT is sold.

Apart from the token rollout, Finhaven is planning to expand its Finhaven Private Markets and Finhaven Gateway offerings. Notably, Finhaven Gateway can accept customers outside of Canada.

In addition, the firm seeks to grow its FDN as middleware in H2Q3 this year. Once its FDN is a blockchain middleware platform, the company will be able to apply decentralized ID and other regulatory business use cases and NFT use cases.

A white-labeled Finhaven Investment Platform, the firm’s capital raise marketplace for the global venture sector, is also expected to be launched soon.