From Goerli to Sepolia: Embracing the Goerli Sunset


Base Testnet Transition: Goerli to Sepolia

In October, Base announced a significant move concerning our test network, transitioning from Goerli to Sepolia. The migration has been successfully completed, marking the sunset of Base Goerli.

Effective immediately, Base Sepolia becomes the sole Base Testnet. For detailed guidance on starting with Base Sepolia, refer to the resources provided below and visit the Base Docs site.

Base Sepolia Resources

  • Network information: Detailed specifications and parameters of the Base Sepolia network.
  • Contract information: Essential details about smart contracts and addresses on Base Sepolia.
  • Base Sepolia Bridge: Information on the bridge facilitating interoperability with other networks.

If you encounter any queries or require technical assistance while initiating operations on the new test network, please contact us by opening a ticket in the #developer-support channel on the Base Discord.