Get Ready for Onchain Summer II

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Onchain Summer II is Coming

Onchain Summer is back. We’re inviting builders, creators, brands, and artists to co-create Onchain Summer with us and help bring a billion people onchain. This summer, everyone can be a builder, and Base and our partners are offering over 600 ETH¹ ($2 million) in prizes, grants, and gas credits. What are you building? Submit your project for an opportunity to be featured during Onchain Summer.

Recap of Last Summer

Last summer, we came together with builders, brands, artists, and creators to showcase what’s possible onchain. For 23 days, we celebrated the launch of Base’s mainnet with onchain music, gaming, advocacy, and art, from builders like Coca-Cola, Blackbird, Zora, FWB, Parallel, and a roster of others all working together to build an onchain future.

Shaping the Future

Onchain is already powering today’s financial system updates and Onchain Summer is an annual effort that brings us closer to the next chapter – where onchain is the next online. We’re calling on creators and builders everywhere to shape the next era of the internet and help bring the next billion users onchain by showing what’s possible.

Onchain Summer II

This year we’re inviting everyone to build all summer long, starting on June 3 and ending in August. To help enable this, Base and our ecosystem partners are offering over 600 ETH ($2 million) in prizes, grants, and gas credits.

Onchain Summer will kick off with a month-long online hackathon hosted by Base and partners. Then, during July and August, Coinbase will showcase daily experiences that make coming onchain easier and more fun than ever.

Types of Experiences We’re Looking For

  • Do something that’s never been done before: Create captivating onchain experiences; the more innovative, the better.
  • Make something accessible to everyone: Whether it’s a game, social app, piece of art, or commerce flow, Onchain Summer is for everyone. Keep it low-cost and easy for anyone to use.
  • Keep it simple: Bringing a billion people onchain requires onboarding that feels like a warm welcome. Experiences should be frictionless for new users.

The best projects built during Onchain Summer will have the opportunity to reach millions of people, with the support of Base, Coinbase, and everyone else bringing the world onchain. Coinbase will offer an Onchain Summer destination, where builders and creators can launch their work, sell merchandise, distribute prizes and much more. If you’re working on something that matches this vision, we invite you to share it with us. Submit your project to participate in Onchain Summer.

Over 600 ETH Worth of Rewards for Builders and Creators

We want everyone to bring their creativity onchain this summer. Here’s how we’re helping you build and create:

  • Onchain Summer Buildathon: A month-long global online hackathon through the month of June. Keep an eye out for more details in the coming weeks about the categories and how you can participate.
  • Gas Credits: Available for anyone looking to sponsor transactions and offer gasless experiences. Claim 0.25 ETH by signing up for Coinbase Developer Platform (and you can apply for more here). You can also access gas credits through Safe, Alchemy, Biconomy, Syndicate, Pimlico, ZeroDev, and Stackup.
  • Builder Grants: Small retroactive grants for builders with early ideas or initial prototypes. In addition to Base grants, other ecosystem partners will be rewarding builders and creators throughout Onchain Summer, including Rounds and Optimism.

Tools to Help You Build

One of the biggest barriers to growing onchain adoption is the complexity of the user onboarding experience. Base is collaborating with teams across the ecosystem, including Coinbase, to enable tools for Onchain Summer builders.

Easier Wallet Onboarding

Coinbase’s new smart wallet recently launched on Base Sepolia testnet for devs to start building with it, and will be available on mainnet for consumers later this quarter. Smart wallet allows users to create a new wallet instantly for any onchain app using just a passkey – no app downloads, extensions, or seed phrases required. We’re also excited by onchain user onboarding experiences from Dynamic and Privy.

Seamless User Experiences

As developers build with account abstraction standards like EIP-4337, they need access to best in class tools for abstracting gas and enabling users to more easily transact. Builders looking to get started with account-abstracted experiences can use infrastructure from Alchemy, Biconomy, Coinbase Developer Platform, Pimlico, Safe, Sequence, Stackup, or ZeroDev. And if you’re new to building onchain apps, check out the open-source Build Onchain Apps Toolkit.

We’ve also updated Base Day One, which was minted on the first day of Onchain Summer last year. We said that the story would evolve as more people came onchain, and now it has, commemorating the first year of Base. Watch it onchain.

Stay Updated

We’ll be sharing more soon, so:

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Let’s build together.

Rewards, Builder Grants and Gas Credits are subject to availability and eligibility requirements which may change at any time and without notice. Eligibility may be based on factors such as geographic location, adherence to specific guidelines, or completion of certain actions or tasks. Rewards for the Onchain Summer Buildathon will be distributed by a third party to eligible finalists.

¹Due to fluctuations in the value of Ethereum, the number of ETH distributed may vary or be paid out in another digital asset to ensure the total payout does not exceed $2M.