Get Ready for the Onchain Summer Buildathon


To Kickoff Onchain Summer: Join the Buildathon

We’re thrilled to announce one of the largest global online hackathons ever, dedicated to advancing the world of onchain technology. From May 31st to June 30th, participate in the Onchain Summer Buildathon and showcase your innovations across various sectors such as payments, commerce, gaming, social networking, and more.

200 ETH Across 8 Sponsored Tracks and a Bonus Pool

The Buildathon, organized by Devfolio, features eight tracks focusing on the most promising onchain applications today. Each track offers a total reward of 20 ETH, distributed among 2-10 winning teams per track. We are seeking groundbreaking projects that facilitate easy onboarding to the blockchain in the following categories:

  • PAYMENTS with Stripe: Create seamless consumer payment solutions.
  • DISCOVERY with Fleek: Develop apps using the Onchain Summer Registry for discovering onchain activities.
  • CREATOR with Zora: Foster creativity on the blockchain with projects supporting creation, discovery, curation, and collection.
  • SOCIAL with Farcaster: Build social experiences leveraging blockchain technology.
  • GAMING with thirdweb: Develop entertaining and widely accessible blockchain games.
  • COMMERCE with Shopify: Innovate in commerce by integrating URL<>IRL connections, such as affiliate or loyalty programs on the blockchain.
  • UNPLUGGED with Nouns: Make tangible community impacts by bridging physical and digital realms through blockchain.
  • TRADING with Aerodrome and Synthetix: Create novel trading experiences with decentralized finance (DeFi) elements and app interoperability.

In addition to track rewards, a bonus pool of 40 ETH is allocated for builders incorporating tools such as Coinbase Smart Wallet, Coinbase Verifications, Coinbase Paymaster, and OnchainKit into their projects.

Builders integrating the Smart Wallet can receive up to $15,000 in additional gas credits through the Base Gasless Campaign and may be featured on the official Onchain Summer page in July.

Explore further opportunities on Bountycaster, where you can engage in existing bounties or create your own. Bountycaster operates as a decentralized platform, managed by the community.

Get Started: Join the Onchain Summer Buildathon

Are you ready to take on the challenge? Participate in the Onchain Summer Buildathon hosted on Devfolio.

Complete your profile and follow the prompts, including staking a small amount of ETH (0.002), refundable upon project submission:

  • May 31: Start building
  • June 30: Submissions deadline
  • July 8-12: Judging period, with panels comprising track sponsors, Base representatives, and community members
  • July 16: Announcement of winners
  • Rest of July: Community review of winning projects, KYC processes, and payout distributions

For detailed information on team sizes, resources, and prizes, visit the official Devfolio site.

Rewards All Summer Long

Join the rounds grants on /base-builds to earn rewards for publicly developing your projects. Share your progress on Base and earn a portion of up to 5 ETH in reward pools. Whether it’s apps, creative projects, videos, memes, or anything else, every project is encouraged.

Continue your involvement with Base Builder Grants throughout Onchain Summer, recognizing and supporting builders with grants. Nearly 300 ETH has been awarded to date through Builder Grants, and we anticipate more innovative contributions onchain. Learn more about Builder Grants.

Build with Us This Summer

Embrace the opportunity to connect onchain and in-person this summer. Apply for a meetup grant if you wish to unite with fellow builders, exchange ideas, or brainstorm your projects.

We invite builders from across the globe to join the Onchain Summer Buildathon. Wherever you are, contribute to making blockchain technology accessible, valuable, and enjoyable for everyone worldwide. This summer, let’s lay the groundwork for the next generation of the internet together.