Gunzilla Releases AAA Shooter Game on Avalanche Subnet

Gunzilla Games Launches GUNZ on Avalanche Subnet

Gunzilla Games, an independent AAA game studio, has announced the launch of GUNZ, a blockchain-based digital economy platform built entirely on an Avalanche Subnet. This innovative platform is designed to offer seamless gameplay, utilizing in-game tokens for gas fees and providing a user-friendly experience for both Web3 and traditional gamers.

Other game studios can leverage the GUNZ SDK and white-label components, including a built-in companion app, marketplace, and NFT minting engine, to create and deploy their own projects on GUNZ.

  • GUNZ enables Play-to-Own mechanics, ensuring transparency and ownership of in-game assets through NFTs.
  • Gunzilla Games’ upcoming game, Off The Grid (OTG), will integrate GUNZ, aiming to innovate the Battle Royale genre with player-driven narratives and digital ownership.
  • GUNZ is set to become one of the first AAA games to offer a player-friendly crypto-economy, empowering gamers with full control over their in-game items.

CEO and Co-Founder Vlad Korolov highlighted, “Our partnership with Avalanche allows us to leverage its scalable blockchain infrastructure for a seamless gaming experience. GUNZ aims to revolutionize gaming by offering transparent asset management and standard-setting features for blockchain-based game economies.”

Avalanche, launched in 2020, supports over 500 applications with near-instant transaction finality and minimal environmental impact. Subnets like Gunz provide customized blockchains for specific applications, ensuring scalability and efficiency.

The collaboration between Gunzilla Games and Ava Labs underscores the potential of Avalanche Subnets in delivering high-quality gaming experiences.

“Gunzilla Games is pioneering Web3 gaming with ambitions to bring top-tier quality to gamers,” said Emin Gün Sirer, CEO of Ava Labs. “The Off The Grid Subnet and Web3 publishing stack exemplify the future of Avalanche-powered games.”