Hackers Take $375k From NFT Platform Premint

PREMINT platform got compromised and suffers losses
  • PREMINT’s website is compromised and faces a loss of $375,000.
  • The NFT platform explains how the hackers granted access to the system.
  • PREMINT’s team is already working to recover affected users’ wallets and stolen assets.

On July 17, NFT platform PREMINT was compromised. According to sources, hackers attacked PREMINT’s website on July 17 early morning, which left PREMINT with a loss of $375,000.

Reportedly, the hackers stole affected users’ non-fungible tokens (NFTs) along with the remaining assets in their wallets.

PREMINT posted on Twitter how the hackers gained access to the systems:

“The hackers manipulated a file on PREMINT’s website by an unknown third party which lured users to sign into a malicious wallet connection.”

PREMINT’s team warned all its users and instructed them not to sign any transaction that says “set approvals to all” and remove any permission to the wallet if they suspect their wallet was compromised.

At the time of writing, PREMINT has successfully sealed the breach and updated its website.

PREMINT has pinned an update to the website that says, “users can now use Twitter or Discord accounts rather than wallets when logging back into the platform as it is safer and way more convenient, especially on mobile devices.”

Additionally, they tweeted:

PREMINT is safe to log in. You will see a gas-free signing confirmation screen when you connect your wallet. We never ask for any transaction access, and you will never ever see gas associated with connecting to PREMINT.

Furthermore, PREMINT informed its community that they are trying to recover affected users’ wallets and their stolen assets. “We are actively working together to get a full list of wallets that had assets taken from them.”