Is Blockify a Top 5 Project in 2022? 

is blockify top 5 project 2022

In recent years, everything related to crypto startups has skyrocketed in value, and expectations are only higher for 2022. The amount invested by venture capitalists in 2021 reached nearly $30 billion, and the momentum does not stop with funding. Talents from big companies worldwide are flocking to the possibilities offered by crypto companies.

Crypto startups are the new way to get rich quickly, and the opportunity is attracting a lot of people. The interest is not limited to cryptocurrencies and NFTs, with all types of crypto startups appearing. These startups deal with blockchain, mining, trading, software, fintech, marketplace services, and more. Everything crypto is on the rise.

With finances, talent, and explosive growth all gathered together, there is no doubt that crypto startups will leave their mark in 2022. However, the numerous people swarming toward crypto means that there will be many startups that do not do well. Read on to learn about startups expected to do big things in the days to come.


Decentralized finance (DeFi) refers to financial services. But unlike normal financial services, these are on public blockchains. They support everything an ordinary bank might, without the need for paperwork or a middle man. DeFi is global, peer-to-peer, and completely transparent, and  Blockify allows you to manage your entire DeFi portfolio.

The lack of verifiable information has left a gaping hole in crypto adoption, Blockify has created an environment where projects can interact and disseminate information directly to their communities in a verifiable method.

DeFi is growing rapidly, and for a good reason. It is a quick, easy way to move your assets around, and Blockify makes the process even easier. They allow you to explore everything from DeFi tokens to NFTs, all in a single place. It even includes current and historical data of those assets, among other things. Other features of Blockify include:

Track and manage your portfolio across protocols and Etherium side chains:

  • Check your net worth over multiple wallets
  • See metrics on your wallets
  • View trending assets
  • Keep tabs on your portfolio from any device
  • Blockify also puts privacy first, giving you the ability to manage your portfolio without giving them any private keys that would allow them to access your funds.

Blockify is built using blockchain technology, allowing them to tap into the decentralized nature that blockchain ecosystems hold. Blockify allows anyone to permissionlessly create their own page and follow their favorite projects. Users can engage and interact with other users along with projects. Project owners/creators can manage and govern their respective pages effortlessly. Compared to centralized platforms, it’s completely censorship-resistant, so projects and users can choose how to govern their own pages

Keep your eyes peeled for an IEO announcement in late 2022.

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Blockchain technology and crypto are still relatively new. Therefore, it should be no surprise that not everyone trusts technology. However, Chainalysis wants to improve trust in a blockchain economy. They do this by creating transparency that helps others form a common understanding of how people use cryptocurrency.

Chainalysis provides data, tools, and services that help companies and governments accept blockchain technology. A big component of this acceptance is their investigation and compliance software, which is utilized in over 60 countries to solve cybercriminal cases and increase safe cryptocurrency access. It sees used by:

  • Cryptocurrency businesses to deal with compliance workloads
  • Financial institutions to understand exposure and monitor customer activity
  • Government agencies to understand the real-world entities behind cryptocurrency transactions

The company provides monitoring for every cryptocurrency asset out there. On top of these useful services, they have an intuitive system with real-time updates and alerts that keep everything running smoothly. There is a reason more than 500 companies already trust Chainalysis. And with the growth of crypto, that number is sure to rise.


There are few cryptocurrency exchange platforms out there as exciting as Bitpanda. Founded in 2014, Bitpanda quickly became one of the most innovative EU platforms for dealing with digital assets. But it really stands out because it allows users to deal with cryptocurrency, precious metals, and stocks in one place.

Bitpanda does not stop with just allowing you to invest in whatever you want, though. The stocks sold by the company are contracts that replicate underlying stocks or ETFs. That enables users to invest in fractions of a stock, making many stocks more accessible. Of course, purchasing full shares is also an option.

The market is also open 24/7, allowing Bitpanda users to invest in stocks when the traditional stock market is closed. And all of it is backed by physical assets, so users can trust their investments are safe. It is an innovative and rapidly-growing platform that is expected to grow in 2022, further expanding its user base of over three million.

Rocket Dollar

Rocket Dollar is a company founded with a simple goal, to allow individuals to invest their retirement savings into alternative assets. The assets include real estate, cryptocurrency, and startups. While it might not be for everyone, it is a unique idea in a world where crypto is growing at a rapid pace.

The company has seen some early success, getting investors of all ages and experience levels. Clearly, people want to invest in alternative assets, diversifying their portfolios further than traditional stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. Moreover, Rocket Dollar allows people to bring their own investment ideas to the table.

The Rocket Dollar IRA is versatile in the sense that the company allows you to invest freely. They will help you open, fund, and invest in anything. Therefore, with crypto surging, it can be expected that a service like the one provided by Rocket Dollar will become more and more valuable.


Security is always a concern when cryptocurrency is involved, and Anchorage is one of the companies intent on quelling that concern. They provide a secure platform that is a mix of safe and user-friendly, giving them an edge over many of their competitors. Some of the ways Anchorage ensures security is:

  • Biometric Authentication
  • Enhanced Outlier Detection
  • Hardware-Enforced Logic

Anchorage also provides a wide range of services, catering to everyone, from banks and market makers to miners. Some of the services they offer to satisfy their numerous clients include:

  • Digital asset custody to store and protect customer assets
  • The ability to easily trade crypto independently or with their experts
  • Staking to ensure good returns and no programmatic inflation
  • Streamlined governance to ensure you have your say
  • Financing that is easy to repay, draw on, or trade with

Perhaps the most impressive part about Anchorage’s services is how easy it all is. The company has an excellent platform with a design and features that make it easy to use. It is everything necessary for success, and with the company adding new assets every day, they have a good chance to grow further in the coming year.

Final Thoughts

Startups are popping up everywhere in the crypto world, and they are showing no signs of slowing down. As crypto and everything around it continue to rise, there will be a greater need for services and products to match. Moreover, with investors keen on entering the space, these companies will likely see further support.

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