KuCoin Enters Collaboration with OVER for Global Pay to Earn Initiative

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It is the first initiative of this kind for OVER that has managed to win the support of one of the most prominent crypto exchanges in the global market.

KuCoin is partnering with the global open-source AR platform OVER on a new pay-to-earn initiative. The joint team will launch a token bonanza for users, spanning 15 days. Starting July 15th till the end of the month, users can win 20,000 OVR tokens.

Given the popularity and the social interest in P2E projects, this initiative looks quite promising as it opens access to new earning opportunities to a very wide audience of players regardless of their previous experience. 

Moreover,  it’s worth mentioning that it is the first initiative of this kind for OVER that has managed to win the support of one of the most prominent crypto exchanges in the global market.

OVER and KuCoin

For realizing why this P2E project deserves your attention, it will be useful to make sure that you know what OVER and KuCoin offer to their users and what experience they have accumulated since the day when they entered the world’s arena.

OVER is a reliable open-source AR platform based on the Ethereum blockchain. Founded in 2018, OVER has benefitted from the input of professionals in the creative, media, and tech fields. These include 3D artists, software developers, as well as graphics, marketing, and communications professionals. As a result, the OVER community of users has access to creation suites for live digital events. Some of these include virtual art galleries and music events. In addition to these, OVER users can participate in OVER Experiences. These are public rooms that allow users to live “public experiences” while in direct contact with others. 

OVER permits users to live interactive experiences via a mobile device or smart glasses. The OVER platform’s functionality works by borrowing cues from experiences in the real world. Furthermore, the platform touts itself as the first metaverse “where the World itself offers the possible experiences based on the geographical location.”  

KuCoin was launched in 2017 and today it is one of the leading crypto platforms in the world. functions as a secure global crypto exchange with emphasis on user orientation. Counting inclusiveness and community action among its many defining traits, the exchange offers over 700 digital assets. Furthermore, the Seychelles-headquartered exchange platform provides an array of other services to its 20 million users from 207 countries and regions. These include spot trading, margin trading, P2P fiat trading, futures trading, staking, and lending.

And now, these two platforms are joining their forces, knowledge and skills to present their common P2E project. But how can you benefit from it?

KuCoin-OVER Initiative: How You Can Benefit

According to OVER, eligibility for this scheme requires users to first register on the OVER App.

In addition to the above-mentioned 20,000 OVER tokens that can be won by users (the biggest prize is up to 2,000 OVR), it is also possible to win an additional 500 OVR by sharing videos of their experiences on Twitter. 

The P2E sector today is growing quite fast gaining more and more fans all around the world and inspiring more and more projects to present their ideas to the market. And it is definitely a very interesting industry to watch for. If you are interested in OVER’s project, we recommend visiting its official website as well as Twitter, Telegram, and Facebook channels.

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