Lady Ape NFT Pre-booking Extended Until July 16 on STRMNFT Marketplace

STRMNFT, a new generation NFT marketplace developed by blockchain company StreamCoin, recently announced that the Lady Ape Club (LAC) NFT pre-booking will be extended to July 16, giving users enough time to secure one Lady Ape before the sale starts.

Starting on July 18, a total of 9,000 LAC NFTs will be available for sale on the STRMNFT marketplace. However, some members were concerned that they might not be able to buy during the sale if all the apes got sold out in a short time. For that reason, StreamCoin made the pre-booking available for its eligible users, who were among the early participants.

The eligible users comprise everyone who has been whitelisted by TNC Group, including the ICO and STRM Staking participants. TNC Group has been an investor and partner of StreamCoin since early 2022, and it is also the company behind the art team who designed the LAC NFTs.

STRMNFT has clarified that the ICO and STRM Staking participants need to use the same email they used to participate in these events to register on STRMNFT. This step is required to submit the pre-booking request because users must confirm their eligibility in the marketplace in order to receive their Lady Ape.

After the pre-booking period is concluded, the official LAC NFT sale on STRMNFT will commence on July 18. For whitelisted members who have not pre-booked a Lady Ape NFT yet, the company has provided a step-by-step guide here, which also includes additional information like the price and the number of NFTs each user can pre-book.

The company also said that those who were not able to pre-book a Lady Ape NFT will still have a chance to purchase on STRMNFT when the sale starts.

Moreover, the STRMNFT marketplace is airdropping 10,000 Aurora Cat NFTs for users who will join its Allow List. Interested users can participate by visiting STRMNFT’s official website and clicking on “Join Allow List,” and then filling in the required form.

After the first week of July 2022, STRMNFT was able to exceed its initial target of 10,000 registered users on its platform. Registration started on May 31, and users got the chance to mint their own NFTs on the platform for free. However, this free minting feature is expected to expire this July.

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