Launching Phase 2 of the Arbitrum Ambassador Program in Nigeria, India, and Mexico

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The Arbitrum Ambassador Program Phase 2 Launch

The Arbitrum Foundation is thrilled to announce the commencement of Phase 2 of the Arbitrum Ambassador Program in Nigeria, India, and Mexico, regions that have shown exceptional community engagement within the ecosystem.

Starting today, our ambassador initiatives will expand beyond university students (as in Phase 1) to include Web3 enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds. Dynamic advocates with a robust social media presence and a passion for cutting-edge technology will play a pivotal role in driving educational programs for the Arbitrum ecosystem. Phase 2 will highlight digital content creation by ambassadors and the establishment of online communities that transcend geographical boundaries, alongside hosting local workshops and hackathons.

Phase One Recap

Launched in Q3 2023, the Arbitrum Ambassador Program is a community initiative aimed at supporting both technical and non-technical contributors enthusiastic about Arbitrum technology, fostering learning, building, and education efforts both virtually and in-person.

  • Over 3000 applications received, with 160 accepted ambassadors across 36 countries.
  • Ambassadors included university-based blockchain clubs such as Harvard Blockchain Club, Princeton Blockchain Club, 404DAO, FranklinDAO, and more.
  • Collectively organized 30+ in-person events including technical workshops and produced 100+ content resources.

We extend our gratitude to all Phase 1 ambassadors for their contributions to the program’s success.

Phase Two Activities

As advocates of the leading L2 protocol, ambassadors will focus on advancing the Arbitrum ecosystem through educational initiatives. Activities include:

  • Online Content Creation: Producing high-quality technical and non-technical content, ecosystem updates, etc.
  • Online Events and Meet-ups: Organizing and hosting virtual events, meet-ups, and AMAs.
  • Community Engagement: Activating local community participation through in-person meet-ups and events.
  • Developer Onboarding: Facilitating developer tooling, technical workshops, and hackathons.

Why Join?

The Arbitrum Ambassador Program offers a unique opportunity to enhance your social media presence and portfolio while contributing to the ecosystem’s growth. Benefits include:

  • Officially representing Arbitrum in your local community.
  • Collaborating with leading protocols in the ecosystem.
  • Gaining insights into scaling and Layer-2 technologies from industry leaders.
  • Developing skills in digital content creation and social amplification.
  • Networking with influential community figures.
  • Becoming part of a rapidly expanding L2 ecosystem.

Who Can Apply?

If you are passionate about Arbitrum’s mission and eager to make a difference through social media and community engagement, Phase 2 applications are open to individuals from Nigeria, India, and Mexico.

Apply Today! Take this opportunity to shape the future of Arbitrum and Web3 by joining the Ambassador Program. Apply here to embark on this transformative journey.