LBank Exchange to List Future of Fintech (FOF) Token on July 15, 2022

LBank Exchange to List Future of Fintech FOF Token on July 15 2022 1




Dubai-based digital exchange LBank is listing Future of Fintech (FOF) on July 15, 2022. The token will be available for trading to all LBank users in the FOF/USDT pair at 14:00 (UTC+8) on July 15, 2022.

Future of Fintech (FOF) is one of the most versatile crypto tokens. Issued by the FOF Group, the token plays multiple key roles in the company, including their financial business, DeFi, eCommerce, and metaverse projects. The listing on LBank is to help it reach a wider global user base and achieve its vision.

Introducing FOF GROUP

FOF GROUP is a comprehensive group integrating the development and operation of cryptocurrency, foreign exchange, futures, smart contracts, blockchain, etc. It currently has four foundation projects, namely financial business by Ngel Foundation Malaysia, decentralized platform business and metaverse project by Mindvirus Foundation Korea, and shopping mall/payments by Ngel Foundation Korea.

FOF will be the primary currency on all platforms and trading in the Ngel ecosystem. It supports the transaction of the following products through 




● CFD 

● Cryptocurrency trading 

● Futures trading 

● Stock trading 

● Forex trading

The coin also has a system that allows users to share profits generated through financial business by holding FOF coins and participating in mining through 

The Malaysia Labuan Financial Services Authority has issued NGEL Partners a license for multiple financial operations, including:

● Asset management 

● FX & CFD arbitrage 

● Cryptocurrency trading and Token Issuance 

● Copy-trading 

● Futures trading 

● Options trading 

● Derivatives education business

Each of these platforms which are already in operation will integrate the FOF coin as the key circulation coin. Holders of the token will receive part of the proceeds generated by the platform as shareholders. FOF will also serve as a form of payment in many online shopping sites through the partnership of various payment companies, including MASTER and UNION cards. 

Apart from plans to release a membership card that will bring added benefits for eCommerce shoppers, the FOF project is preparing to launch a metaverse that will feature fully realized avatars, virtual real estate, virtual stock trading, cryptocurrency exchange, real-world assets trading, and online games where FOF coin will also play a critical role.

The FOF token can be used to exchange tokens for all projects under the FOF GROUP, including the financial business, DeFi, eCommerce, and metaverse projects, with more use cases expected as the project grows. This will generate more profits that will sustain the project and support token holders.

FOF has a total of 200 million (i.e. 200,000,000) tokens, and interested investors can easily buy and sell it after the listing.