Merit Circle DAO Launches Gaming Subnet: Tooling, Three Initial Games, with More on the Horizon

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Merit Circle DAO Launches Beam: A Gaming Subnet on Avalanche

Merit Circle DAO, known for its extensive partnership network in gaming, is set to launch Beam, a dedicated Avalanche Subnet designed specifically for Web3 gaming development and gameplay.

At launch, Beam will integrate existing Merit Circle products along with new gaming-focused tooling, an NFT marketplace named Sphere, and three initial games. Merit Circle aims for Beam to eventually support numerous Avalanche-based games.

Games on Beam

  • Trial Xtreme: A high-speed racing game with over 250 million worldwide downloads, developed by Gameplay Galaxy. It will be part of Beam’s offerings in the near future.
  • Walker World: Powered by Unreal Engine 5, Walker World is an expansive open-world experience where players can own land, collaborate in various game modes, and earn rewards.
  • Hash Rush: A pioneering Web3 MMORTS game set in the Hermeian Galaxy, offering strategic gameplay through base-building, resource management, and epic battles.

Beam will operate as an independent network, dedicated to serving gamers and game developers alike with enhanced capabilities.

Additional Offerings

In addition to games, Beam will provide:

  • An Automated Market Maker (AMM) for token swapping linked to Beam dApps.
  • Sphere, an NFT marketplace integrated into games, allowing players to purchase in-game assets.
  • Native Avalanche SDKs, APIs, wallets, bridges, and analytics tools to support seamless game development and operation.

Merit Circle chose Avalanche for its speed, security, and scalability through Subnets, enabling innovative possibilities for game developers.

Brandon Aaskov, CTO of Merit Circle DAO, emphasized, “Beam simplifies ownership and control for gamers and developers alike. With Ava Labs’ scalable Subnets, we aim to streamline on-chain operations and optimize Beam for efficient gaming experiences.”