Metaverse: Benefits Virtual World Can Bring

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One of the most significant potentials of the metaverse is creating new jobs and addressing the current problems with remote work.

Ever since Facebook rebranded to Meta, the world has realized how big the metaverse as a concept could be. Zuckerberg’s juggernaut of a company is yet to make something of it. Still, numerous startups and other smaller companies are already creating their own little metaverses, each with a unique use case.

We already have several metaverses, but people are still not clear on what precisely the metaverse is. More importantly, many are not aware of the true power it holds and what benefits we can and likely will see shortly.

What Is the Metaverse, Exactly?

You’ve probably noticed that we’re talking about the metaverse as both one thing and many things. Plus, we’re not using the capital M, and there’s a big reason for that. The metaverse is effectively used to explain a unique combination of mixed and virtual reality worlds you can experience via your regular browser or a VR headset.

Every metaverse is a unique digital world that can act as a simulation of real life. In most cases, it offers something unique to its user base. For example, it could be a place for NFTs, or it could be a video game. There are many unique use cases; not all have to be entertainment.

At the moment, it is usually for entertainment, but some metaverses do this so effectively that they create something entirely new and beneficial for many users.

For instance, there is the case of Fashion League, a novel Web3 platform that lets players earn virtual money through various game models but also convert it to crypto later on. Its focus is on fashion, and you also get the chance to create your own fashion NFTs, making it a platform for both gaming and fashion.

Even though most metaverses are focused on entertainment, the goal is for these disconnected metaverses to one day become the Metaverse, with a capital M. In other words – the technology has the potential to connect the entire internet into one Metaverse. The potential of such a Metaverse is practically limitless.

Current Benefits of the Metaverse

Even though we are yet to realize the benefits of virtual worlds, with the many metaverses out there, we already have some that are more than significant.

Statista has already done its research and ascertained that the leading benefit of the metaverse at the moment is that it helps us overcome obstacles. In other words, it helps us overcome disabilities that typically prevent us from achieving or doing something in real life.

This is the true power of virtual worlds, which will only improve over time and as the technologies behind today’s metaverses grow.

Besides this, metaverses also increase our creativity, especially game and entertainment-oriented metaverses like Fashion League. You also get the chance to move through worlds without actually moving, as many metaverses let us travel over vast realms, real or entirely made up.

Metaverses have the power to improve our technical skills and our tech savviness. They teach people how to use various technologies, which will only become more important as time passes.

You also get the chance to connect to other people without it being weird or awkward. This is especially important to introverts and others who cannot meet others in real life. You can also easily connect with friends and family who physically live somewhere far.

Metaverse Benefits of the Future

One of the most significant potentials of the metaverse is creating new jobs and addressing the current problems with remote work. One of the remote work’s main problems is the inability to organize vital team meetings. However, virtual meetings in the metaverse could solve that. We’d still be able to meet in person, just in the virtual world.

Similarly, this could be beneficial for the healthcare sector as well. Doctors could check up on patients through a virtual world and gain better insights into their needs.

We could also hold live concerts in the metaverse, which was already achieved sporadically with great success. But in the future, as technology improves, these virtual live concerts could become much better and more akin to the real thing.

Most of all, the metaverse has a massive potential to limit our carbon footprint and help the environment. We could use it to order more things than we do today. For example, more people would want to order clothes online as they’d get to see them properly in a virtual setting instead of watching pictures.

All in all, the potential is massive, and the use cases are likely countless. More and more of these benefits could become a reality as time passes. We don’t know how big they will be or how big the metaverse will be, but we can certainly wait and see.

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