Moongate Revolutionizes the ‘Phygital’ Experience Through Dynamic Avalanche NFTs

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Revolutionizing Ticketing and Membership with Moongate’s Dynamic NFTs

Moongate is set to transform ticketing and membership experiences by leveraging dynamic NFTs, enhancing engagement through gamification and immersive digital interactions.

Driving Engagement with Moongate NFTs

Moongate’s NFTs empower event attendees to unlock upgradable rewards and exclusive access based on real-world interactions. Businesses can easily integrate these NFTs into their operations using Moongate’s intuitive, no-code platform.

  • Email/social-based self-custodial wallets for seamless integration.
  • Support for cash payments to broaden accessibility.
  • Tools for integrating NFTs into real-world scenarios.

This end-to-end solution caters to users of all crypto knowledge levels, offering post-minting management capabilities that extend beyond traditional Web2 platforms.

Enhancing Ticketing and Membership with Avalanche Integration

Moongate’s collaboration with Avalanche, known for its speed, security, and reliability, enables businesses to launch NFT campaigns that drive engagement and efficiency in ticketing and membership systems.

For example, Moongate recently partnered with Ava Labs to host a concert series at Belasco Theater, where attendees received exclusive Avalanche Park NFTs. These NFTs unlocked unique experiences, including participation in a raffle for rare shoes via MynaSwap.

This event highlights the potential of dynamic NFTs to create immersive, gamified experiences that foster real-world interactions and revenue generation.

About Moongate

Moongate is pioneering smart ticketing and membership solutions through customizable NFT digital assets. Our platform has been successfully implemented across conferences, F&B chains, retail brands, and hospitality groups, driving customer engagement and revenue.

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About Avalanche

Avalanche is a scalable smart contracts platform offering rapid transaction finality and an eco-friendly blockchain environment. It empowers Web3 developers to build custom blockchain solutions with ease.

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