Novatar NFT; Minting Begins, Plans for Virtual Growth

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  • Novatar NFT is now open for minting that started yesterday.
  • The current price of an NFT is 0.11 ETH.
  • The NFT project also focuses on plans for expanding its virtual platform.

With a collection of several Novas, the aging NFT avatar project Novatar NFT opened its platform for minting on July 23, 2022. Earlier, in a press release, the Novatar team announced the minting date and also other plans for the development of the NFT platform.

In detail, the project focuses on the vision to expand its virtual world and give exclusive features to NFT owners. Anyone who buys two Novatars between July 23 and August 3 will receive the third one for free. The current price of an NFT is 0.11 ETH, and users can store up to five Novatars in one wallet.

There are a total of 25,000 Novatars, which are produced from a complex AI algorithm and consider factors such as ethnicity, race, and skin tone.

Adding on, beyond the exclusive NFT features that will allow users to explore the world of Novatars, the project adds a graffiti wall to the website. This wall will be decorated with art from the Novatar NFT community. Also, the nicknames of the most enthusiastic fans of the project will be drawn on the wall. To note, this graffiti wall will be open for participation for any member of the Novatar Discord server.

Speaking of the NFT project, Novatars now have a storyline that opens up the world of WebScapes and NovatarCity. The history of this world revolves around a super-intelligence on the Blockchain, which created a virtual world and shells for people moving there – Novatars.

The story’s setting serves as the base for an exclusive community that will have access to various virtual venues. The NovatarCity is to expand constantly, so the NFT enthusiasts can stay tuned for more.