Top Crypto Picks for July: Evaluating Polygon, Dogecoin, and KangaMoon for Maximum Returns

Top Crypto Picks for July: Evaluating Polygon, Dogecoin, and KangaMoon for Maximum Returns
Top Crypto Picks for July

The Best Crypto to Invest in July: Polygon, Dogecoin, or KangaMoon?

The second quarter of 2024 has been challenging for the cryptocurrency market, with major coins experiencing double-digit losses in June. However, upcoming events such as the launch of Ethereum ETFs signal a potential market-wide recovery for July.

It is anticipated that while overall market sentiment improves, certain altcoins may outperform others. Among Polygon, Dogecoin, and KangaMoon, which cryptocurrency offers the best potential for significant returns this July?

Polygon Emerges as Institutional Favorite, MATIC Price Remains Depressed

Polygon (MATIC) has endured significant sell-offs since the beginning of the year, witnessing a 45% decline according to CoinMarketCap. Despite this, Polygon remains favored by institutional investors, with a majority of funds and treasury products deployed on the platform. While institutional interest could drive Polygon’s price up, current indicators suggest MATIC faces bearish pressure around the $0.550 mark.

Dogecoin in Buy Zone, Primed for Price Reversal

Like many top cryptocurrencies, Dogecoin (DOGE) has seen a decline over the past month, dropping 25%. Recently, however, it has stabilized around the $0.1200 support level. Analysts, including Ali Martinez, suggest Dogecoin has entered a buy zone, supported by the Tom DeMark (TD) Sequential indicator signaling a potential price bounce. Martinez’s analysis indicates Dogecoin could surge by more than 50% in July.

KangaMoon Defies Bearish Trends, Eyes 100% Price Increase

Amidst a generally bearish market, KangaMoon has stood out with a remarkable price increase of over 150% in the last week following its listings on Uniswap and BitMart. Additionally, KangaMoon’s introduction of a staking platform and upcoming P2E game launch have bolstered its appeal. Forecasts suggest KangaMoon could surpass $0.20 by the end of July, presenting it as a promising investment.

  • KangaMoon’s staking platform offers passive income opportunities.
  • The upcoming P2E game launch is expected to further drive demand.
  • The Social-Fi framework integrates social media engagement, enhancing user interaction and adoption.

KangaMoon’s innovative approach has already attracted over 32,000 users within weeks, underscoring its growing popularity and potential.


While Polygon faces uncertain prospects, analysts view Dogecoin and KangaMoon as standout investment opportunities for July. With Dogecoin poised for a significant price increase and KangaMoon potentially doubling its value with the P2E game launch, both cryptocurrencies present compelling prospects amidst the current market conditions.