Prologue to FANTOM Insights

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Exciting Developments Coming to FANTOM

The month of July may have seemed quiet, but a lot has been happening behind the scenes. As promised, we have quite a few things lined up for the remaining months of 2018. Here is what we’ll be sharing with you in the upcoming weeks:


We are currently undergoing a process of rebranding. The FANTOM team has been working hard to strengthen our foundation as a whole, enabling us to reach deeper networks. Consequently, we have decided to release our Technical Paper after completing the rebranding process to ensure everything is aligned. Along with this, we will also be renewing our website.

FANTOM Insights

We’ll release weekly updates on our development progress, meetup plans, conferences, and more. Please sign up for our subscription list on the FANTOM official website to receive FANTOM Insights by email.

AMA Sessions on Reddit

Our tech team will hold biweekly AMA sessions on Reddit. If you’re an active Reddit user, visit our official page and subscribe. Specific schedules for these Technical AMA Sessions will be released soon, so keep an eye out.

FANTOM Reddit:

Technical Q&A on YouTube

We will answer all of your tech-related questions on our official YouTube channel. Please subscribe to stay updated. Our team will engage with the community to provide a clear understanding of FANTOM.

Join our official Telegram community to submit your questions. Our community managers will collect all your questions for our Technical Q&A.

FANTOM Telegram:


Telegram & Slack for Developers

In the upcoming weeks, we’ll create a separate Telegram channel and Slack group for developers dedicated to technical discussions. Our global technical teams will actively participate in these channels to engage with our developer community. Official links will be provided via our channels, so stay tuned!

Global Activities

FANTOM is collaborating with various R&D organizations worldwide, including universities and prestigious corporations. Details will be released through our official channels first, so make sure to join our Telegram community.

Additionally, we will soon launch FANTOM Alliances and our Global Ambassador Program to increase public awareness of FANTOM.

More to Come…

We will release additional information on our work with strategic partners and our plans to increase community engagement through hackathons. FANTOM is also planning to offer opportunities for community members to get involved in our project, such as:

  • Bounties for dApp submissions
  • Whitelisting for Testnet participation