Ripple Hosts Twitter Space Talk on NFTs, Fashion, Sustainability

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NFT News

  • Ripple hosted a Twitter talk to speak about NFTs and fashion.
  • The live space featured guests from MintNFTofficial and artist JeffColeart.
  • The participants spoke about NFTs and phygital fashion.

On Friday, Ripple hosted a Twitter live space to talk about NFTs and their use cases in the fashion industry.

In the live space, the Ripple team spoke about how they are working on the NFT side of Ripple. The team stated that they are working on ways to support NFTs on its ledger and are trying to bring in different interesting use cases for it.

Speaking about partnerships, the team detailed the collaboration of MINTNFT and Artist Jeff Cole (@jeffcoleart) and their partnership with Balmain. Balmain is one of the largest fashion brands globally and has entered into a collaboration to innovate in digital fashion.

Cole spoke about how the collaboration with Balmain happened as he was surfing the internet to find details regarding a concept shoe. He also explained how he was helping Balmain design their sneaker collection called the unicorn. Thrilled about the concept, Cole talked about how he tried to incorporate sci-fi into the shoes with colors and design.

Furthermore, the MINTNFT team talked in length about how they collaborated with Barbie and Balmain in January and explained why they decided to go with XRPL for this collaboration. The primary reason that they cited is Ripple’s commitment to sustainability.

With innovative brands and enterprises entering the NFT realm, MINTNFT is trying to opt for a much eco-friendlier blockchain like Ripple to launch their NFTs. This partnership will also give a heads up to Ripple’s initiative to take over the NFT realm.

In recent weeks, there has been an increase in talk about digital fashion and how NFTs are interacting in the digital space, especially with the fashion world.