Snickerdoodle Labs Unveils Consent Layer on Avalanche, Fostering Fair Relationships Among People, Brands, and Data

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Snickerdoodle Labs Builds Consent Layer on Avalanche

Snickerdoodle Labs, a transformative data company specializing in decentralized marketing platforms and Data Wallets, is developing its consent layer on Avalanche. This innovative layer records on-chain customer consent for brands to utilize insights derived from anonymized customer data. This advancement allows brands to access richer data sets while enabling individuals to receive rewards for sharing their anonymized data with brands.

The consent layer represents a significant milestone toward the full launch of Snickerdoodle’s Marketing Platform and Data Wallet. Together, these tools empower brands to monetize data ethically and reward customers for sharing their anonymized data. This initiative marks a shift toward a new customer-brand data economy that embodies the principles of openness, equity, and user-centricity in Web3, replacing older, centralized Web2 data sharing models.

Empowering People with Snickerdoodle Data Wallet

The Snickerdoodle Data Wallet, currently in private beta, returns privacy and data sovereignty to everyday individuals. It offers new opportunities for users to derive value from their own data.

Enabling Brands with Snickerdoodle Marketing Platform

The Snickerdoodle Marketing Platform equips brands with privacy-first tools to understand and engage their customers and communities effectively. Brands can deploy consent contracts within the platform, which customers receive in their Data Wallets. This gives customers control over their data sharing preferences and enables auditable consent for anonymized data sharing.

Integrated data dashboards within the Snickerdoodle Marketing Platform simplify customer insights, campaign management, and reward distribution, all while maintaining rigorous data privacy standards.

Currently, brands are actively testing the platform in private beta. According to Sebastian Quinn, Founder of Yesports and Co-Founder of Yieldly, “The ability to obtain consent for sharing anonymized Web3 and Web2 data insights is a game changer — a complete marketing unlock.”

Partnering with Avalanche

Jonathan Padilla, CEO of Snickerdoodle Labs, emphasized, “We believe individuals should own their data and its value. Similarly, brands require decentralized tools to engage and learn from their customers. Avalanche’s speed, reliability, and cost efficiency make it an ideal partner for scaling our operations. We’re excited to contribute to this vibrant ecosystem, confident our partnership will foster long-term success.”

Rewards for Data Sharing

Snickerdoodle rewards users with NFTs, tokens, and other incentives for sharing their data. These rewards not only benefit customers but also enhance a brand’s omnichannel marketing strategy, fostering relationships based on transparent exchanges of value.

John Nahas, Vice President of Business Development at Ava Labs, expressed enthusiasm: “Snickerdoodle has the potential to disrupt the entrenched Web2 data model, offering benefits and agency to both brands and users. We look forward to seeing the platform evolve and its positive impact on the Avalanche community, and we’re excited to showcase it at the upcoming Avalanche Summit in May.”