Social Platform MetaU Will Go Live on July 25th

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Since last year, both NFTFi and GameFi have been trendy. But SocialFi, the former WEB3.0 hot track, has been silent for a long time. Despite that, capital has been unnoticeably entering this track. As we all know, given the immature market environment, limited user participation, and limited ecosystem services in the early stage, most social track projects did not usher in the explosion period. SocialFi, after its iterative development, is once again a community hotspot with high hopes. SocialFi is a track that requires huge capital and professional operations, with even greater economies of scale. In July 2022, the OPEN SOURCE Foundation spent two years launching its first SocialFi product, MetaU. It is the first social platform for strangers in the meta-universe. MetaU is a perfect combination of these conditions and could be a dark horse on the SocialFi track.

“Social to Earn”Model Makes MetaU Different

The key features of SocialFi are essentially Web3 in a broad sense: decentralization, openness, and user control. MetaU is a metaverse social platform for strangers that combines augmented reality and distributed encryption. “Meta” stands for metaverse social interaction, while “U” stands for the combination of Crypto. In MetaU, users can publish and subscribe content as creators.

They can also interact anonymously with others to generate value. This is the Social To Earn mode. At the beginning of its establishment, MetaU planned to build an open source technology platform dominated by social networking, metaverse, artificial intelligence and Crypto. It features pan-financial businesses dominated by digital funds, digital insurance, and digital lending. Every MetaU user can earn dividends by creating, marking, and publishing content while matching with others. Meanwhile, the token METU issued by MetaU will promote the development of application economy in MetaU’s metaverse.

The Metu ICO Is Just around the Corner!

It is reported that the first round ICO of METU, the world’s first SocialFi token, will be launched on the MetaU app on July 25.

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What Can We Do with METU?

METU STAKING: Users can buy METU to participate in STAKING, to easily obtain ecosystem welfare. The more METU they own, the better their credit score in the social METU. Ecosystem weighting is presented in social interactions, interactions, and writing and publishing content. Users with high weights are more likely to get ecosystem exposure. In the future, METU holders will have the right to vote in the social metaverse created by MetaU. Also, their right to vote will be based on the number of tokens they hold.

Total METU Distribution

Total METU tokens: 6 billion

10% of all the tokens : 600 million for ICO

10% of all the tokens : 600 million to improve the MetaU ecosystem

80% of all the tokens : 4.8 billion tokens are open to the public

What Other Benefits Do METU Holders Enjoy?

The more METU a user holds, the higher the ecosystem weight in the social metaverse. Users with higher ecosystem weight are more likely to gain exposure. They will be more likely to be exposed during social interaction, and writing and posting content. In addition, MetaU provides a variety of social levels. Users can improve their social levels by being active, giving gifts frequently, and interacting with MetaU. MetaU will issue corresponding NFT MEDALS according to users’ social levels. METU token holders can also use NFT-related functions (NFT casting, auction, trading, collection, decoration, creation, promotion, and lottery).

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In the future, METU can also be used for currency trading, governance voting, real consumption, income sharing, value growth, buyback destruction, being super nodes, and stake to earn. In the MetaU ecosystem, the token can be used for gift buying, live rewards, value-added services, member exchange, prop consumption, and other functions. As the platform grows, creators can increase their social value by managing social tokens, building their virtual assets, and co-monetizing with MetaU. Users can also obtain corresponding voting rights according to the tokens they held. NFT MEDALS can be used for profit operations such as stake mining.

Why Metau Is Beloved by Many Investors?

OPEN SOURCE foundation team chairman Abelard, who graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, is a well-known computer scientist and Internet entrepreneur in the United States. In addition, Abelard provides a range of strategic planning services to some well-known Silicon Valley companies.

MetaU CEO JX Cham graduated from Russian National Research Medical University and joined JPMorgan Chase and Facebook, where he was in charge of corporate governance and corporate finance. He has more than 10 years of technology startup incubation experience. After leaving Facebook to become an entrepreneur who could change the future of social networking, JX Cham is now in charge of MetaU global expansion. Co-founder Gino has participated in the research and development of Axie Infinity and Dfinity. Gino is also proficient in a variety of blockchain underlying development languages. Riley, the co-founder of MetaU, was previously the head of risk control at JPMorgan Chase & Co. In this company, he was responsible for corporate communications, brand promotion, and other related work. Currently, he provides brand promotion, market pr, and other support for the development of MetaU’s social metaverse. The founding team believes that the rise of Web3.0 will drive SocialFi’s growth and that it will be driven by many people in the future.

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In the future, with the S2E model, MetaU will build a virtual social economy metaverse parallel to the real world. This will create an anonymous and decentralized sandbox world of its own. Ultimately, the ultimate goal of building “the first social metaverse platform in the Web3.0 world” will be achieved.

Go to MetaU website to enter a completely decentralized anonymous world. On that website, you can enjoy a new social Web3.0 era through MetaU!

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