Solana’s Top Altcoins Poised for July Surge: Discover the Potential Winners Now

Solana's Top Altcoins Poised for July Surge: Discover the Potential Winners Now
Solanas Top Altcoins Poised for July Surge

Bullish Trends in Solana-Based Tokens

With the recent bullish recovery in the cryptocurrency market, top tokens have seen significant uptrends. Solana (SOL) itself has surged over 7% in the past day, hinting at a potential bullish run in the near future.

Bonk (BONK) Analysis

The memecoin Bonk has retested a crucial support level, resulting in a 22% increase in price and a trading volume of $571.63 million, marking a 160.64% change. Recent gains of 30% over the last 2 days indicate strong bullish sentiment. The MACD indicator shows a rising green histogram, suggesting further bullish momentum.

  • If BONK breaks above $0.000027, bulls may target $0.00003390.
  • Bearish pressure could test the support level.

Popcat (SOL) (POPCAT) Overview

Launched in 2023, Popcat, inspired by Bonk, has gained attention with a 15.07% increase in valuation in the past day. Despite a recent correction, it boasts a 34.80% gain in the last 30 days and a YTD return of 5,903%.

Dogwifhat (WIF) Analysis

Dogwifhat, the second most successful memecoin on Solana with a market cap of $1.706 billion, has increased by 3% in the last day, with a trading volume exceeding $626 million. Trading at a 64.89% discount from its ATH, it presents a buying opportunity. The RSI on its 1D chart shows a bullish curve, suggesting potential for further gains.

  • WIF price might test $3 if bullish sentiment continues.
  • A bearish scenario could see prices drop to $1.240.