Stop paying cancelation fees on flight tickets, sell it on TKTZ’s marketplace


What does an NFT collection have to do with the greatest airline revolution in general, and your long-awaited holiday in particular? A Flying Potato!

How? Let’s start at the beginning. Over 4.5 billion people fly around the world each year. This staggering number keeps growing while the tremendous airline market struggles to catch up with the unprecedented demand of post-COVID-19 days, or at least until the next wave of cases is here.

Yet there is an even more incredible figure here. It tells the story of those forced to cancel or modify their airline tickets due to various reasons. It turns out that about 30% of all ticket buyers end up canceling or changing their tickets, effectively losing money. We all have come across this unfortunate situation.

You acted responsibly, planned a trip in advance, and even booked your airline tickets ahead of time to get a good deal on your holiday. But life is full of surprises, and something happened. Something disrupted your plans, making it impossible for you to embark on your trip, and you simply cannot board your flight.

From that moment on, you and your airfare are under constraint. You may try to change your flight date and lose money, or simply not fly and lose money. The ticket, and your freedom, are bound by restrictions. You knew this all along but now you realize the true consequences of holding a restricted ticket!

This is exactly where TKTZ steps in. To solve this very problem! 

TKTZs’ NFT collection, which includes the aforementioned Flying Potatoes, hides a veritable technological revolution brought by TKTZ. This revolution gives power back to the ticket holder, offering them unprecedented freedom. This freedom opens up new options for you to find solutions. How?

TKTZ brings blockchain NFT technology to the world of airline tickets for the first time in history. By harnessing cutting edge technology, TKTZ turns your airline ticket into a fully owned, tradable item – one that can be sold freely on a secured and transparent marketplace.

This non-fungible digital format means that the airline ticket becomes an item fully owned by the buyer. As such, the owner of the ticket can simply put it up for sale – even at a higher price than what they originally paid for it; this way, rather than losing money when changing or cancelling their ticket, they may even make money.

In order for ticket owners to be able to trade their tickets, TKTZ develops a new global marketplace to allow truly free market of airline tickets.

TKTZ’s NFT collection represents, in fact, your path to becoming true partners in this revolution! The 10,000 Flying Potato owners will become members of TKTZ’s club of customers. They will have influence, access to airline tickets, and exclusive member benefits – such as discounts up to 25% on airline ticket purchases in a multibillion-dollar market.

These days, when the airline industry is stuck in a desperate situation, facing staff shortages as well as unprecedented demand – leading to strikes, endless lines, exhausting delays, and thousands of cancelled flights every week – the real need for a tradable, 100% secure airline ticket is more pronounced than ever.

Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be treated as news/advice.