The Bear Market Is Only for the Strong Hearted, This Too Shall Pass

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Place/Date: – July 16th, 2022 at 8:59 am UTC · 2 min read
Source: Hotbit

Since Terra’s demise, the cryptocurrency has been trapped in a never-ending bear market. The collapse of the Terra ecosystem, along with several other factors, caused market volatility that cryptocurrencies have yet to overcome.

Various factors have contributed to the current bear market. Changes in monetary policies, inflation, interest hikes by the Fed, and other macroeconomic factors caused cryptocurrencies to plummet.

The bear market has not been kind to investors as well as crypto firms. The crypto lending platform Celsius Network ended up in a difficult position, causing the platform to halt its withdrawals and all activities on June 12.

The users have been cut off from their funds for over 32 days so far. It is unclear when the bear market will pave the way for another bull market. But despite all of that, the current bear market will pass one day, and investors should be ready for another bull market.

The preparation for the bull market necessitates trading on a reputable platform where user funds are secure. Several companies have closed down during the bear market, and you should avoid putting your money into similar firms that struggle to survive.

This is where the crypto trading platform Hotbit comes to the rescue. With a 24×7 round-the-clock audit system for user assets and a zero loss for any user’s assets, Hotbit might be your go-to exchange.

Hotbit provides more than 1860 spot trading pairs globally for its users, as well as hundreds of options for investors to invest in. Apart from that, the platform also provides ETF trading.

Hotbit has gained the trust of over 700,000 users spanning over 210 countries. Besides providing 24/7 customer care support with a wide range of quality crypto listings, Hotbit also provides high liquidity and a safe and secure platform for its users. Users can seamlessly buy crypto using their fiat currency, which makes the whole process even easier.

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