The ReserveBlock Protocol Has Achieved Mainnet Beta With Over 2,300 Validators Concurrently With a Web-Wallet Release Providing On-Chain Tools And Features For The First-Ever p2p Auction On The Network

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Miami, United States, 21st July, 2022, Chainwire

ReserveBlock RBX, the first open-source decentralized NFT Centric Blockchain that enables true peer-to-peer operability for the validating, minting, and trading of NFTs with or without the need of a centralized authority, announced that the protocol has achieved mainnet beta after seven months of testnet and achieving consistent stability amongst the validators on the network.

During testnet, the network experienced exponential growth amongst the validator pool reaching over 2,500 unique addresses prior to the move to mainnet beta, with the current pool sustaining over 2,300 unique addresses migrating in three days since activating beta. All validators from initial launch have been able to participate on the network like a “miner” through a native core-wallet with machines such as servers, desktops, and laptops operating at a carbon neutral level, all while earning robust finite block rewards for validating transactions randomly.

Concurrently with mainnet beta, the network released new core features and on-chain tools which included Decentralized Selling Tools (DSTs), and a launch version of a web-wallet that were leveraged for the first-ever p2p auction on the network. This was all on display by way of a personal auction held by Nestor Cortes, NY Yankees pitcher, during the MLB All-Star Game events. The collection was launched by Cortes from a web-wallet utilizing DSTs to enable a complete p2p auction experience without any third-party marketplace. 

The auction, which was sold out, allowed fans and followers the ability to view, bid, and purchase NFTs with original physical items from Cortes to everyone. Upon the finality of the auction, all NFTs and the underlying assets within each of the multi-asset smart contracts minted on-chain, automatically transferred to the corresponding addresses.

ReserveBlock RBX is expected to release many additional features and tools, to both wallet environments in the coming weeks, which is expected to continue to enhance validating, minting, and user auction experiences.

About the ReserveBlock Foundation

The RBX network has been created and developed as the result of a collective of founding sponsors, each with vast expertise in media, entertainment, technology, sports, hospitality, banking and finance. Led by The Reserve Label, Texoware, and The Young Astronauts technology group as the initial founding and development sponsors, the foundation has been completely self-funded and devoid of any centralized control whatsoever ensuring the most ideal decentralized NFT Layer 1 ecosystem. Governed by a Masternode infrastructure, the RBX network has been designed to provide true NFT utility through a singular core wallet for Masternodes, Smart Contracts, NFTs and Decentralized Sales Tools (DSTs) providing open participation for everyone.

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