The Security Council of the Optimism Collective: A New Era Begins

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On February 9, the Optimism Collective marked a significant milestone with the launch of its first Security Council through an onchain transaction.

This transaction established a 2/2 multisig authorization, allowing protocol upgrades for OP Mainnet to be signed by the Optimism Foundation and the Collective’s Security Council.

Milestones Achieved

The creation of this multisig follows the ratification of the Security Council’s initial members in December 2023. It also follows a successful governance vote on updating OP Mainnet’s security model.

Decentralization Commitment

The Optimism Collective is dedicated to advancing decentralization across technical, social, and governance aspects. OP Labs aims to achieve Stage 1 and Stage 2 decentralization, as outlined by Vitalik Buterin’s roadmap.

Role of the Security Council

To support decentralization efforts, networks like Optimism need a Security Council. This multisig, managed by independent individuals, oversees protocol upgrades with a high signing threshold.

  • Minimum of 8 independent individuals
  • Signing threshold of 75% or greater

Core Values

The creation of the Security Council reflects the Collective’s core values:

  • Transparency
  • Safety over liveness
  • Community participation

Transparency and Safety

The Security Council operates transparently with open-source documents and encourages community involvement. Safety over liveness prioritizes system security and asset protection, even if it temporarily halts operations.

Community Engagement

Community feedback is crucial to the Security Council’s effectiveness. Members have participated in rehearsals and provided input on governance proposals.

Future Directions

Phase 0 establishes the initial multisig, with Phase 1 aiming for the Security Council to become the sole authority for protocol upgrades across the Superchain.

Stay updated on governance discussions and progress via Optimism’s forums and GitHub repository.