Visa Crypto Payments Vs Crypto Payment Processor Remuno: Which Is Best For You?

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Using cryptocurrency as payment for goods and services is becoming more common in digital marketplaces. As of the first quarter of 2022, network payment processor Visa announced that they had processed over $2.5 Billion in cryptocurrency since the beginning of the service’s availability. Considering Visa is just one of the major payment processors alongside others offering crypto payment services like PayPal, the actual scale of crypto payments is difficult to measure.

With this rapid growth, merchants and customers alike are becoming more aware of the potential of crypto payment. However, with the many options available for how to proceed, how to go about paying with crypto may be daunting.

In this article, we will look at the crypto payment facilities provided by Visa, and compare them to those of crypto payment processor Remuno.

Visa Crypto Payments Marks A Change

Visa’s acceptance of crypto payments through its network is significant for many reasons.

Primarily, with the stability of Visa and the scale of its network, customers and businesses can feel reassured in the safety and security of payments, due to the massive network associated with it. Furthermore, due to Visa’s scale, customers are given a huge variety of products to choose from to pay with in crypto, able to do so with products from all around the world.

Source: Visa Report

The conglomerate company is one known by almost everyone, with their domination in fields like debit and credit cards. As such, a company like Visa involving itself with technology like crypto brings legitimacy to it, both for businesses and customers alike.

What this legitimacy also does, as a result, is bring traffic to other projects in the field. With Visa accepting crypto payments, businesses may be more inclined to do their own research on crypto payment options and crypto payment processors, with the possibility of finding other projects that may be better suited to them.

One such project is Remuno, with its ease and simplicity making it the ideal crypto payment processor for businesses new to the crypto landscape.

Remuno Teaches An Old Dog New Tricks

While the scale of Visa gives its crypto payment network a fantastic infrastructure, the fact that the Visa network is so large can cast doubts on some. With Visas network also facilitating credit and debit cards, card machines, online payment and more for both customers and businesses alike, the sheer size of the network may be intimidating.

For business owners wanting to integrate crypto payments into their platform, but who may be struggling, how easy it would be to get in contact with someone on the Visa team that can walk them through the process, or quell any questions or doubts?

Compare this to Remuno, which has been designed for the sole purpose of facilitating crypto payments, by a committed team working to create a business-friendly, scalable platform.

With crypto being a relatively new technology which requires a lot of understanding to use efficiently, merchants may be hesitant to get involved, especially when it comes to receiving these services from conglomerates like Visa.

Remuno, as a far smaller operation, has a humanity to it that cannot always be found with big operations. With it being necessary to contact the team to set up an account to access the Remuno API, and a dedicated customer service team designated to provide all the support merchants need, Remuno users can always feel assured that there will be help provided to them every step of the way.

However, even for complete crypto newbies, this support may not even be necessary, due to the ease of installing the Remuno API. Done in just three steps, the API does not require major technical knowledge to install, and can be done in a relatively short time, meaning that businesses can spend less time installing the program, and more time reaping its benefits of it.

All this and more makes Remuno a great option for those looking to install a crypto payment processor onto their digital marketplace and is a launch that businesses should not ignore.

To find out more about Remuno, and what it is doing differently from other crypto payment processors, check out this article.

To find out more about Remuno, check out their website.

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