We Burn We Rise”: A New Voice in Blockchain and Crypto Podcasting

The We Burn We Rise Show Episode 1


In the rapidly evolving world of blockchain and cryptocurrency, a new podcast has emerged to shed light on the latest developments. “We Burn We Rise,” hosted by the dynamic trio Spazzitron McGee, Hyperion, and Rxbbn, launched its first episode on April 26, 2022. The podcast promises to be a vital source of news and insights for enthusiasts and professionals alike.

The Hosts and Their Vision

Spazzitron McGee, Hyperion, and Rxbbn

The podcast is hosted by three prominent personalities in the crypto world: Spazzitron McGee, Hyperion, and Rxbbn. Known for their expertise and engaging presence, the hosts aim to provide listeners with in-depth discussions, expert opinions, and updates on the latest technologies and trends in the blockchain space.

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Special Guests and Discussions

Insights from Fluffy North and Dustin

The debut episode featured special guests Fluffy North, the founder of CPHX and Phoenix, and Dustin, founder of Kronic Katz and Kronic Labz. The discussions focused on several key topics:

FireSea and FireSwap

Exploring new platforms like FireSea and FireSwap, the podcast delves into how these tools enhance user experience and functionality within the Phoenix blockchain ecosystem.

Kronic Katz

Another significant topic was Kronic Katz, an initiative by Dustin. The conversation highlighted the project’s goals, achievements, and its role within the broader context of blockchain innovation.

Additional Resources and Information

Listeners interested in diving deeper can visit the Kronic Katz website for more information on minting and other details. Similarly, more information about the Phoenix blockchain can be found on its dedicated website.


“We Burn We Rise” is set to become a cornerstone for those interested in the intersections of technology, innovation, and community within the blockchain realm. With its engaging content and expert insights, the podcast is not just for seasoned crypto enthusiasts but also for newcomers eager to learn about this dynamic field.


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