We Burn We Rise Episode Five: New Perspectives on Crypto and Karmageddon

Easy Finance The We Burn we Rise Show


The dynamic podcast We Burn We Rise continues to deliver cutting-edge discussions on blockchain and cryptocurrency. In its fifth installment, hosts Spazzitron McGee, Hyperion, Rxbbn, and Karma, delve into intriguing topics with their guests, exploring new dimensions of crypto innovation.

The Hosts and Their Continued Influence

The familiar voices of Spazzitron McGee, Hyperion, and Rxbbn, joined by Karma, ensure a rich and engaging dialogue, making complex blockchain concepts accessible to a wide audience.

Special Guests and Key Discussions

Insights from Joe of Easy Finance

Joe from Easy Finance joins the episode to discuss the latest trends and tools in financial technology that simplify and enhance investment strategies within the crypto space.

Updates from Fluffy, Founder of the Phoenix Blockchain

Fluffy, the visionary behind the Phoenix Blockchain, shares exciting updates and future plans for the platform, particularly focusing on the new initiative called Karmageddon, which aims to revolutionize user interaction within the ecosystem.

Additional Resources and Exploration

Listeners looking for more detailed information can explore Easy Finance through their website to learn about their services and tools. The Phoenix Blockchain also provides comprehensive details about their projects and developments on their website.


Episode five of We Burn We Rise expertly balances expert interviews with deep dives into cryptocurrency topics, making it a must-listen for anyone interested in the future of finance and technology. The discussion on Karmageddon highlights the podcast’s commitment to bringing fresh and innovative ideas to the forefront of the crypto conversation.


The episode is crafted with the expert editing and introspective insights of PhoenixPhire, ensuring that each discussion is both enlightening and entertaining.