We Burn We Rise Episode Two: Unveiling Innovations in Blockchain and Crypto

Ryi Unity The We Burn We Rise Show Episode 2


The insightful podcast “We Burn We Rise” returns with its second episode, offering fresh perspectives and updates from the forefront of blockchain technology. Hosted by Spazzitron McGee, Hyperion, and Rxbbn, this episode features a lineup of influential figures in the crypto world, promising to expand the horizons of blockchain enthusiasts and professionals alike.

The Hosts and Their Expanding Influence

Engaging Discussions by Spazzitron McGee, Hyperion, and Rxbbn

The trio of hosts continues to engage their audience with in-depth analyses and expert discussions on the latest developments in the blockchain sphere, making complex topics accessible and engaging.

Special Guests and Featured Topics

Exclusive Insights from Industry Leaders

The episode boasts appearances by Jon Wier, CEO of RYIU and RyiPay, Steve Krohn, RYI Unity & Phoenix Blockchain Brand Ambassador, and the returning Dustin, founder of Kronic Katz and Kronic Labz.

Exploring New Developments

FireSea and FireSwap Updates

Listeners were treated to special sneak peeks of FireSea, alongside updates on the functionality enhancements in FireSwap, reflecting the podcast’s commitment to keeping the community informed about significant advancements.

RYI Unity and RyiPay Developments

A major highlight of the episode was the discussion on RYI Unity, with specific emphasis on RyiPay—a tool poised to revolutionize payment systems within the Phoenix Ecosystem.

Kronic Katz: Innovations Continued

Dustin shared the latest achievements and future plans for Kronic Katz, underscoring the project’s ongoing contribution to the blockchain ecosystem.

Additional Resources and Information

Websites for Further Exploration

Listeners interested in deeper engagement with the topics discussed can visit the RYIU website for more information about their offerings. Further details about Kronic Katz and the Phoenix blockchain are available on their respective websites.


The second episode of “We Burn We Rise” not only reinforces the podcast’s role as a pivotal source of blockchain information but also enhances its reputation as a platform for learning about innovations shaping the future of technology and finance.


The episode features intro and editing by PhoenixPhire, ensuring that the content is not only informative but also professionally presented.