Welcoming L3s to the Future of the Superchain

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The Optimism Collective’s Commitment to Scaling Ethereum

The Optimism Collective holds a shared, long-standing commitment to scaling Ethereum. From our technology stack to our values structure, it’s core to everything we do. The OP Stack, the open standard codebase that powers development on the Superchain, isn’t limited to L2 chain deployers and app builders; it can also be leveraged by an ecosystem of L3s.

Expanding the Superchain Vision

Our vision and the definition of the Superchain is expanding as a network of chains that share an open-source tech stack and contribute revenue to the Optimism Collective. We’re excited to share that those who build an L3 with the OP Stack can also join the Superchain. Like L2s, L3s can join the Superchain by building on the OP Stack and contributing a portion of their revenue back to the Collective.

Chains that have committed to the Superchain not only have access to a values-aligned network of builders, but they’re also able to tap into a wide variety of benefits, including:

  • Eligibility for Retro Funding
  • Airdrops
  • Superchain