Which Payment Processor is the Best for Cryptocurrency: CoinsBank, Shopify & Remuno

Which Payment Processor is the Best for Cryptocurrency CoinsBank Shopify Remuno




Over the past ten years, Bitcoin has expanded beyond the expectations of many. Particularly in 2021, when many traditional financial institutions adopted cryptocurrency in one way or another, the emerging business changed public perception significantly.

In more detail, let’s examine some of the top Bitcoin payment gateways currently on the market. We shall attempt to comprehend how different cryptocurrency payment methods compete to offer superior services. Additionally, we’ll look for the characteristics that set a cryptocurrency payment processor apart from the competition.

The crypto payment gateways we will look at today are CoinsBank, Shopify, and Remuno.

CoinsBank Your All in One Gateway to Blockchain Services

An easy-to-use bitcoin payment processor with a solid reputation in the market is CoinsBank. It has free Android and iOS apps that you may download to use on your mobile device.




This excellent bitcoin gateway supports most of the major fiat currencies, including USD, GBP, and EUR. Large volume traders would appreciate the app’s one-click rapid deposit and withdrawal capability.

Additionally, Coinsbank offers free, round-the-clock currency transfers to relatives and friends. Since all transactions are completed at real market rates, users have more control over their money.

Grow Your Business with Shopify

One of the greatest and most reliable Bitcoin payment gateways in the world is Shopify. As a result, it is already used by thousands of retailers worldwide to handle Bitcoin payments.

If you need assistance, there is a tonne of customer service support available, and it is quite simple to set up. The platform is jam-packed with useful features, such as APIs that allow integrations with Coinbase and other payment gateways to make processing payments as simple and open as possible.

The only issue with Shopify is that to use the payment processing service, merchants must open a Shopify merchant account. Depending on the payment processor a merchant selects, transaction costs change. 

Remuno the Payment Processor of the Future

A new cryptocurrency payment processor is about to go live and is expected to attract more businesses than ever before to the cryptocurrency industry. 

Remuno, A straightforward yet innovative processor, is poised to become well-known among established companies and start-ups. As mentioned in an article published by CoinPedia.

Customers can use a cryptocurrency payment processor to pay for goods and services by integrating a solution into a company’s payment system. Remuno has refined and streamlined this to benefit customers and business owners. 

They will be aware of both the amount paid in bitcoin and the equivalent amount in their respective fiat currencies when a transaction occurs. Remuno is a company that allows clients to get what they want and pay however they like. Remuno will only charge the merchants a commission rate based on the transaction made, unlike other cryptocurrency payment processors that impose additional costs on transactions.

If you’re a merchant and wish to open a Remuno account, you can do so in three simple steps. After contacting the team via the website, the Remuno team will carefully support and guide you through setting up an Application Programming Interface (API). Finally, payments will be able to be completed after everything is set up and a “checkout in crypto” button has been added to the retailer’s website.

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